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Posh Vapes have long been one of the most respected and popular disposable ecig makers. Their lineup includes three unique devices and a host of delicious nic salt flavors, most of which are infused with a blast of chilly menthol. This is precisely the style of flavor that adult nic salt vapers prefer.

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Posh Vapes

If you are not familiar with the Posh lineup, we will describe their three disposables now. All three share some fundamental similarities. Obviously, all three are disposables. This means no charging is required. No filling. And no pod swapping. Just open the packaging and vape. They are all autodraw devices and most Posh flavors have some level of mint or ice flavor infusion. All the Posh disposables have a nic strength of 6 percent and use nic salts.  


Posh Plus XL

The Posh Plus XL is the newest, highest performing and longest lasting Posh disposable vape. The Posh Plus XL holds 5ml of eliquid and has a nic strength of 6 percent. It has over twice the eliquid capacity of the Posh Plus but retains a fairly compact form. It has a nicely formed mouthpiece and comes with a cap to keep debris out of the mouthpiece. This is a nice bit of kit, since this is not a disposable that runs out after a day. It is designed to provide a long lasting and satisfying vaping experience.


Posh Plus

The Posh Plus was one of the first disposable vapes to break the mold. Previously, most disposables had been stick style disposables like Puff Bar or the original Posh. The Posh Plus is cylindrical and actually fairly short. But it is loaded with 2ml of eliquid and provides excellent vapor production. The polyfill is arranged in a manner similar to classic cartomizers and this design delivers great flavor. The Posh Plus has long been popular because it is reliable and has great taste. With a nic strength of 6 percent and smooth nic salts, the Posh Plus flavors have proven very popular with adult vapers.


Posh Vapes

The original Posh is a stick style disposable vape. It holds 1.8ml of eliquid and has a nic strength of 6 percent. It is sleek looking and has a form factor similar to a Juul. Unlike a Juul, it does not require filling or charging. It also holds over twice the eliquid capacity of a Juul.