This is a guest blog post by Morandir835. For those who might not be aware,  the FDA just took another step closer to potential regulation of menthol cigarettes with their latest study. It cites that their minty taste makes it easier for people to start smoking. Menthol cigarettes account for one-third of tobacco sales in the US. The FDA is considering banning menthol-flavored cigarettes. Last Tuesday, the federal agency released their independent review and is now looking for comments from the health community and the tobacco industry on future restrictions. What does this mean for us vapers? This is a question on a lot of people's minds, especially considering how it may affect vaping. After hearing the news, I spent a few hours on the phone asking questions to a number of people in the know. How this affects vaping is as up in the air as the potential regulation of menthols. April came and went with no final decision on how to officially classify e-cigs, and until that decision is made, no concrete prediction can be made with regards to the potential menthol ban either. There are a number of logical outcomes if it goes through, and none bode well for vapers if they are treated the same as analogs. Menthols and mints will only be the tip of the iceberg, considering the vast array of e-cigarette flavors. So what can you do to protect your right to vape? I suggest keeping on eye on CASAA's website for any further developments, along with ways you can help.  As always,  continue to reach out to your elected representatives about your experiences with vaping. The only way to spread the word is to speak up! Please share this blog post on your Facebook page or with your Twitter followers.