There are hundreds of kinds of batteries. V4L sells a large variety, and recently added several more to the collection. In addition to our Vapor Kings, Original Vapor Kings, Diamonds, and Stealths, we now also carry VGOs, EGO-Ts, Auroras, and OMGs.
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These alternative kits are not V4L-branded. They are offered as a fun alternative with a different design and longer battery life than the V4L-branded Starter Kits. They are not recommended for people new vaping. They require a slightly higher-than-basic knowledge of electronic cigarettes. The batteries in these kits are much larger and bulkier  than V4L Vapor Kings and Original Vapor Kings. They don't look anything like a traditional analog cigarette, so it is probably best to use them in the privacy of your own home. Basic electronic cigarettes are still a fairly new invention, and their existence is not yet widespread. Many people have never heard of them, or seen them, so these "alternative batteries"  could very well be  a confusing product. All of  new batteries come packaged as a kit, with everything needed to use the new battery upon arrival. VGO The VGO Kit is $60 and  comes with two 900 mah VGO batteries, four blank tank cartomizers, and a charger. VGO batteries are unregulated and carry 4 volts when fully charged. They have a horizontal coil at the bottom of the tank. They also have an atomizer coil which will eventually need to be replaced. The tanks are like large cartomizers, but have no filler. VGO batteries are compatible with existing V4L cartomizers and the V4L Slim Charger. The tank cartomizers can be filled with any e-liquid. EGO-T The EGO-T Kit is also $60 and comes with two 650 mah EGO-T batteries, two EGO cone-shaped atomizers (510 style), five blank tanks, and a charger. EGO batteries are unregulated and carry 4 volts when fully charged. The EGO-T battery produces a lighter throat hit.  Any  juice can fill the tanks,  including Premium, WOW Vapor, WOW Vapor VG, or Nobacco Juice USA. Aurora The Aurora Kit is $65 and comes with two 350 mah Aurora batteries, two atomizers, five blank tanks, and a charger. The Aurora has a uniquely oval-shaped design and is unlike anything else on the market. They carry 4 volts when fully charged. The Aurora battery produces a lighter throat hit. The Aurora tanks can be filled with any e-liquid. OMG
OMG Kit"
The 5 Volt OMG Mod Kit is $115 and comes with  one OMG Mod body, two Tenergy RCR123A 3.0 volt LiFePO4 rechargeable batteries, a Tenergy battery charger with wall cord and car cord, a 6 ml dual coil  tank (510 style), one green rubber drip tip, one clear hard plastic drip tip, a 510 to 808 adapter, and a 30 ml bottle of Premium or WOW Vapor Juice. This kit includes a 510 to 808 adapter if you want to use the OMG mod with a CoolCart or WOW cart instead of the tank. The  OMG features an on/off function for safety, press the button  five times to turn it off, and  five times again to turn it on.