Premium ECigarette Cartomizer Alternatives

Premium ECigarette Cartomizer Alternatives

As many adult vapers are keenly aware, a huge number of the popular prefilled tobacco cartomizers and cigalikes are no longer available on the US market. The Premium ECigarette Cartomizer is the most recent to entry on this unfortunate list.  

We have seen this before, such as in 2018 when V2 closed their doors. Green Smoke and MarkTen followed suit not long after.

The only good news is that there is still a great Premium ECigarette Cartomizer alternative on the market. The Vapor Titan will look very familiar to fans of the Premium ECigarette Cartomizer system, as well as V2 and Green Smoke fans who switched to the Premium Device.


Premium ECigarette Compatible: 808 Threading

The Vapor Titan uses an 808 threaded battery and is a compatible with Premium Ecigarettes. It also uses a very similar prefilled cartomizer system. This pods, filled with eliquid, are simply twisted onto the Vapor Titan battery. No filling is required, although blank Vapor Titan cartridges are available for those who want to enjoy flavors no longer permitted in prefilled carts while continuing to use this authentic and stalwart style of ecig.  

The Vapor Titan also shares the look and offers superior performance to the discontinued Green Smoke, although Green Smoke adopted a proprietary threading on the battery that kept it from being fully compatible with devices like the Vapor Titan and Premium ECigarette. The V2 did not adopt this strategy and was also compatible with 808 threaded ecigs.


Vapor Titan

The Premium ECigarette Cartomizer was a classic cigalike. A rival to brick and mortar staples like the Green Smoke, V2 and MarkTen, it is a cartridge based device. As mentioned above, it used the popular 808 style of threading. Unfortunately for fans of these classic cigalikes, they were gradually supplanted by the marketing power and potent nic salts that powered prefilled vape pod kits.

The Vapor Titan is a flexible device. It shares 808 threading with the Premium ECigarette Cartomizer, V2 and a host of other cartomizer ecig and also other options aside from the prefilled cartomizer. Not only does the Vapor Titan come in wide range of prefilled tobacco carts, it is also compatible with clearomizer tank.

The Vapor Titan Clearomizer is an excellent way to enjoy nic salts and extract great flavor from high-PG formulas. The transparent body of the Clearomizer makes it easy to monitor the ejuice level and fill without making a mess. But the biggest feature of the Clearomizer is that it delivers absolutely pristine flavor.

As the Vapor Titan is used almost exclusively with more potent nicotine formulas, the 280mAh battery is ideal for a day of vaping. Running at 4.2 volts, the Vapor Titan provides excellent performance and vapor production. Originally designed as a starter kit, the Vapor Titan is the go-to device of veteran vapers who are looking for a compact device that offers authentic performance.

Devices like the Vapor Titan, Premium ECigarette Cartomizer, V2, Green Smok and MarkTen retain a sizable following because they provide an experience very comparable to a cigarette and also have the same slender form factor.

There is the Vapor Titan Auto, which is an autodraw device and also the Vapor Titan Manual, which uses a fire button. Both are using the same battery, wattage and attach to the same carts and tanks. Therefore, the authentic draw is there no matter which style of Vapor Titan you choose.

Premium ECigarette Compatible Cartomizers

Vapor Titan Prefilled Carts

Vapor Titan carts are loaded with authentic tobacco and menthol flavored ejuices ranging from nic free to 36mg/ml.

They use high-PG eliquids that provide an authentic throat hit and fairly strong nic levels. Vapor Titan cartridges are available in six nic strengths, topping off at 36mg/ml. The Premium ECigarette Cartomizer was sold in strengths up to 24mg/ml.

Including the 100% vegetable glycerin formulation for vapers allergic to PG, the Vapor Titan has fourteen feature tobacco flavors. Vapor Titan carts come in two varieties, there are high-resistance Cool Carts and low resistance Wow. The Wow carts have superior vapor production and the Cool Carts reduce eliquid consumption while increasing battery life.

While the federal vape pod ban removed flavored eliquids from the prefilled Vapor Titan cart lineup, there are still eight great menthol tobacco flavors as well.