Premium eCigarette eJuice Alternatives

Premium ECigarette Eliquid Alternatives

Adult vapers who prefer high-PG eliquids, classic cartomizer ecigs and the authentic experience this style of vaping provides have watched regulations remove their preferred combustible cigarette alternatives from the market.

Premium Eliquids, manufactured for use in the Premium ECigarette Cartomizer, are prime example of the style of eliquid that is becoming harder to find. A 55% PG blend, they placed an emphasis on flavor and throat hit. The same flavors found in Premium ECigarette prefilled cartomizers, Premium Eliquids were available in Tobacco and Menthol flavor. 


Premium ECigarette Compatible Devices

There is one bright spot for fans of Premium ECigarette’s eliquid line. There are still some great high-PG eliquids on the market. Wow and Premium Eliquids from Vapor4Life are available in ton of tremendous tobacco flavors and have that authentic high-PG eliquids that heavy smokers who switched to vaping are looking for.

There are several advantages to switching from Premium Ecigarettes to Vapor4Life. The most obvious is of course that Vapor4Life products are still available and compatible with Premium ECigarette Cartomizers.

The Vapor Titan is an 808 threaded ecigarette that is compatible with the V2, Premium ECigarette Cartomizer and is also a perfect alternative to the discontinued Green Smoke and MarkTen ecigs.

A second advantage is that Vapor4Life eliquids are available in a greater number of nic strengths. Premium Eliquids were sold in 30ml bottle. Available nic strengths were   0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg nic strengths. Wow and Premium Eliquids come in 0, 4, 8, 11, 18, 24 and 36mg strengths. And although both are sold in 30ml bottles, Premium branded eliquids were $19.99 a bottle versus $13.99 for Wow and Premium ejuices from Vapor4Life.

Another difference is the PG/VG ratio. While both eliquids are optimized for mouth to lung vaping, the higher-VG level of Vapor4Life eliquids provides a stronger throat kick and clearer flavor.

Probably the biggest difference of all is flavors. Vapor4Life has a tremendous selection of tobacco flavors, where the defunct Premium Eliquids were solid flavors but one size fits all. There was just one tobacco and one menthol.

Whether you are looking for sweet tobacco, full-flavored tobacco, aromatic pipe tobacco or the flavor of a classy cigar, Vapor4Life Wow and Premium eliquids have a perfect eliquid for you.


Premium ECigarette Cartomizer Alternatives

 When it comes to devices, Vapor4Life also has you covered. The 808 threaded Vapor Titan is fully compatible with the Premium ECigarette Cartomizer. You can get prefilled carts that work with your Premium ECigarette or a Vapor Titan that can use your prefilled carts. We also carry blank cartridges you can fill yourself and the Vapor Titan Clearomizer.

The Vapor Titan Clearomizer is a convenient and transparent tank that delivers great flavor from the same Vapor Titan battery and also works great with nic salts.

It is easy to despair the direction that regulations are driving the vaping industry. But there are still Premium ECigarette and compatible alternatives available. And we are sure that fans of the V2, MarkTen and Premium ECigarette Cartomizer will be pleasantly surprised by the familiarity, reliability and performance of our eliquids and devices.