prevent-vape-spitback We’re all familiar with the notorious “vape spit-back.” You fill a tank, you fire up your mod, you take a deep draw and then...vape juice spurts and pops out of the atomizer. Sputtering vape juice can be damaging to your tank, not to mention annoying. Luckily, there are easy ways to combat this. Some ways to prevent vape spit-back include, decreasing airflow, changing your coil, and minimizing excess vape juice on coils.   Quick Fixes To Stop Vape Spitback prevent-vape-spitback Before you do a deep dive into troubleshooting a spitting vape tank, there are a few quick fixes that might be able to save you the extra work. If your mod is spitting back, try adjusting your airflow. Sometimes spit-back happens because too much air causes vape juice to flood your tank. Adjust your tank to allow less airflow and see if that fixes the problem.   Another quick way to prevent vape spit-back is by picking out a longer drip tip that has a slightly thinner air hole. This may not prevent spitting juice in general, but it will prevent it from getting in your mouth when you vape.   How Coils Cause Vape Spit-back vape-spitback-coils One of the biggest causes of vape spit-back is putting too much e-liquid on your coils when you prime them. Sure, you want to make sure to avoid a burnt taste, but an excess of vape juice can create the opposite problem. When applying juice to prime your coils, make sure to take your time and allow the e-liquid to soak in to prevent juice buildup and spit-back. Certain types of vape coils are more prone to triggering spit back too. For instance, Clapton coils can be prone to collecting an excess of extra e-juice, which will lead to popping e-liquid. The same goes for any coil that’s braided or twisted.   Adjust Wattage To Stop Popping Vape Juice wattage-vape-spitback With sub-ohm vaping, a wattage that’s too low can be the perfect recipe for causing vape spit-back. Lower wattages take longer to heat up your coil, which gives e-juice the chance to flow in first and flood your coils. As we’ve already established, flooded coils is a big cause of vape spit-back, so experiment with tweaking your wattage by slightly increasing it to see if that prevents popping.   Other causes of popping atomizers include using e-liquid with more PG than VG and not using enough cotton to wick your coils.   Do you have any foolproof vape spit-back fixes you use? Let us know in the comments.