public-health-englands-tobacco-control-plan It was big news is 2015 when Public Health England made the oft-quoted statement that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. That same organization is now urging government officials in England to ease up on vaping restrictions in an effort to promote vaping as a viable way to reduce the smoking rate in the UK. The goal of Public Health England’s proposed Tobacco Control Plan is to cut the number of smokers in the UK by more than 3.2% by 2022.   Currently, 15.5% of adults in England are smokers. If Public Health England’s Tobacco Control Plan is successful, smokers would make up just 12% of the population in England. Once vaping took off in England, the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) swooped in and lumped e-cigs in as a tobacco product, much like the FDA Deeming Regulations did here in the states. With vaping under the umbrella of the TPD, the UK introduced a slew of new vaping restrictions in May.   Public Health England’s efforts hope to take advantage of Brexit as a way to help dissolve the fear-based restrictions on electronic cigarettes. The plan hopes to minimize the stigma surrounding e-cigs and vaping, since it’s that very stigma that perpetuates unnecessary regulation. Regulation that could encourage some potential vapers to think twice and stick with cigarettes instead.   One way PHE hopes to change the face of vaping with their Tobacco Control Plan is by making sure that vape products are not clustered into “no smoking” policies in public places, commercial spaces and workplaces. They also hope to monitor the review process for vape products to make sure that it’s easier for e-cigs to get approved.   Come on, America. You’re next, right?