Puff Bar Plus versus Puff Bar

Disposable Vapes


Disposables vapes have been gaining momentum and market share since early last year. Their appeal is obvious. Disposable vapes are incredibly easy to use and thanks to potent nic salt ejuices, are able to provide the satisfying performance that adult vapers demand.



Disposable vapes require no filling or charging. Just open the packaging and vape. And nic salts are not the only innovation that sets the current crop of disposables apart from their predecessors. They are also larger. Most hold around 1.5ml of ejuice, which is over twice the capacity of a Juul Pod.


Until recently, if you are looking for an even longer lasting disposable you have two primary options. The first is the Sea Air, which has a massive ejuice capacity of 2.6ml and is shaped like a credit card, roughly akin in shape to a Suorin Air Plus. Your second option is the stout and cylindrical Posh Plus, which has an ejuice capacity of 2ml and nic strength of 6 percent. But now the biggest name in disposables vapes also has the biggest disposable vape. Enter the massive Puff Bar Plus.


Puff Bar Plus Disposable Vape



Nothing is better than getting even more of a good thing. The amazing flavors that made Puff Bar so popular are now available in the massive Puff Bar Plus. Puff Bar estimates that the Puff Bar Plus is equivalent to two packs of cigarettes.


The Puff Bar Plus holds 3.2ml of nic salt ejuice with a strength of 5 percent. To make sure the battery gets you through the whole disposable before giving up the ghost, the Puff Bar Plus is powered by a 550mAh battery. This is almost twice the size of the original Puff Bar’s 280mAh power pack.


Despite its greater capacity, the Puff Bar Plus is still a compact autodraw device. The flavor is every bit as good, you just get more than twice as many puffs from the Puff Bar Plus. The design of the device is a bit more refined as well. The original Puff Bar is perfect rectangle but the Puff Bar Plus has a discrete mouthpiece.


All of these little touches make for a premium disposable vape that delivers flavor, vapor performance and convenience. Now let us take a look at the Puff Bar Plus flavor lineup.


Lychee Ice Puff Bar Plus


A couple years ago, lychee was a fruit that most vapers had never tried or even heard of. Today, it is the foundation of one of vaping’s hottest flavors: Lychee Ice. To size up the competition, check out our feature on the Best Lychee Ice Disposables. But rest assured, none can match the puff count of the Lychee Ice Puff Plus and you get to enjoy that extra quantity without a drop in quality. The actual lychee flavor is exactly what a lychee vape fan is looking for, never too sweet and bold finish. It is hard to describe what lychee tastes like, grapes or wine is probably the closest thing that is familiar to the American palette. But it hardly matters, Lychee Ice is popular because it just tastes good. A dank tropical fruit coated in cold menthol finish.


Cool Mint Puff Bar Plus


Another one of Puff Bar’s greatest hits that has been migrated to the Puff Bar Plus, the Cool Mint Puff Plus is a tremendous icy menthol flavor. This same flavor was one of the top contenders in our feature on the Best Juul Mint Alternatives. Icier and a bit less spearminty than the competition, adult menthol and mint vapers will love the staying and hitting power of this Puff Bar Plus.


Mixed Berries Puff Bar Plus


When we examined the Best Vuse Alto Mixed Berry Alternatives, this disposable vape was not yet on the market. What a shame because the Mixed Berries Puff Plus would have immediately moved to the front of the pack. A timeless blend of sweet strawberries, tart raspberries, and rich blueberries, this is a classic mixed berry blend and perfect for fans of fruit vapes who do not want any menthol. 


Peach Ice Puff Bar Plus


The syrupy and nectary flavor of peach, unlike say lychee, should be a familiar fruit flavor to most Americans. Peach is distinct, sweet and makes for a great nic salt. But the perfectly ripe flavor notes are accentuated with a chilly menthol. The combination is among the best nic salt flavor combinations around and makes the Peach Ice Puff Plus all day vape.


Puff Bar Disposable Vape



The Puff Bar Disposable is one of the industry leaders. As we have seen, there is little technologically to distinguish the Puff Bar from its rivals. It has achieved its exalted status through flavor and flavor alone. Puff Bar also offers some of the best lower nicotine disposable vapes, although their offerings are limited to 2 and 5 percent. The Zaero Disposable comes in four nic strengths: nic free, 1.8, 3.6 and 5.0 percent.



The Puff Bar Disposable has an ejuice capacity of 1.3ml. Puff Bar Disposables come in a huge range of flavors. These are basically the greatest hits of disposable vapes. Vapor4Life carries a huge selection of disposables in part to cover the contingency of your favorite flavor being out of stock. Even if say Puff Bar Mango is temporarily sold out, you have a half dozen other mango disposables to choose from.





Disposable Vape Technology


Most disposable vapes have traditional taken one of two forms. There is a stick style disposable, the original Puff Bar, Zaero Disposable, original Posh, Cali Bars and dozens of other competitors rely on this basic architecture.


Relying on a polyfill soaked in nic salts and battery of approximately 280mAh, stick disposables are about 4 inches long and generally contain 1.2 to 1.5 ml of ejuice. The Posh and Zaero were a bit larger, with a capacity of 1.8ml.



If you are looking for an even longer lasting disposable you have two primary options. The first is the Sea Air, which has a massive ejuice capacity of 2.6ml and is shaped like a credit card, roughly akin in shape to a Suorin Air Plus. Your second option is the stout and cylindrical Posh Plus, which has an ejuice capacity of 2ml and nic strength of 6 percent.


Fruit and fruit-ice flavors shine crystal clear in both stick disposables and their rival design. This rival is the disposable mini vape. We took a look at the best disposable mini vapes in this deep-dive. Stig, Twst, Mojo and the Myle Mini all used this format. Disposable mini vapes are different than stick disposables in a couple ways. First of all, they are shorter.


A classic stick style disposable, Posh Plus and Disposable Mini Vape Side by Side.


Mini vapes are able to achieve a length of less than 3 inches by laying the ejuice reservoir parallel to the battery. The ejuice is stored in an actual closed pod rather than a polyfill. Overall, the performance and battery life of the two designs are quite similar, although the mini vape generally holds closer 1.0ml of ejuice.


Vape Flavor Bans


The popularity of disposable vapes owes much to their own attributes, but the federal flavor ban further distorted the market. In response to the teen vaping epidemic (a term thrown around much more loosely in the era before Covid-19), all prefilled vape pod and cartridge flavors that are not tobacco were banned federally. This left disposables as the last game in town for adults who do not want to fill their own device or smokers transitioning ecigs. Of course flavors are banned in many large states and our State Vape Ban Guide resource page is your best source of information on this vexing subject.


Teen Vaping Epidemic


As demonstrated in a study of 69,000 adult vapers by Dr. Farsalino, the vast majority of adult vapers prefer sweet and brightly flavored ejuices, rather than tobacco. Combined with a CDC study into why kids vape, which showed flavors were not the primary reason, there is no compelling reason to deny adult vapers the flavors they prefer. But lobbyists sponsored by Michael Bloomberg and special interest groups like the Orwellian-named Truth Initiative continue to push for strict e-cig laws that punish marginalized groups.