Puff Bar versus Bidi Stick Disposable

Best Disposable Vapes


Puff Bar became the hottest name in disposable vapes with a massive selection of on-point flavors. Naturally, this success put a target on Puff Bar’s back and a shortage of supply this winter opened the door for a number of Puff Bar alternatives. Check out our comprehensive summary of the best disposable vapes for a rundown on the wide array of options available to discerning adult vapers looking for flavor, convenience and satisfaction.

It turns out that most adult vapers just want an easy to use device with no hassles and tremendous flavors. Disposables fare extremely well in these areas. Once the federal government removed their big-time competition in the form of prefilled vape pods in any flavor other than tobacco or tobacco menthol, the door was open for an explosion in disposable vape popularity.


Puff Bar



Puff Bar really raised the bar for how adult vapers perceived disposables. There were already strong nic salt disposables on the market like Posh and Stig Vape, but Puff Bar offered a much wider array of flavors.


With 1.3ml of nic salt ejuice, Puff Bar’s have a nic strength of 5 percent. They later added a lower nicotine version as well. We took at look at this option in our feature on the best lower nicotine disposable vapes.




The Puff Bar disposable is only available in 2 or 5 percent. If you are looking for even more flexibility, check out the Zaero Disposable Vape.



It is available in four nicotine strengths: 0, 1.8, 3.0 and 5.0 percent. With eight tremendous flavors to choose from, it is the go-to option for vapers who want to enjoy the hassle free performance and flavor of a disposable but do not an ecig with a nic strength of 5 or even 6 percent.


Bidi Stick



One of the newest entrants into the disposable vape arena is the Bidi Stick. Unlike the Puff Bar, which is a stick style disposable which shares its basic design with dozens of competitors, the aluminum framed Bidi Stick has larger mouthpiece and a high quality aluminum frame.


Bidi may share its pronunciation with the word "biddy", but the pejorative term for a meddling elderly woman certainly doesn't apply here. This is a disposable vape as high art and it the Bidi Stick is competitive with the best nic salt ecigs on the market.


With a nic strength of 6 percent and 1.4ml ejuice capacity, it is equivalent to more than two Juul pods and is still available in the flavors that adult flavors prefer. The Juul lineup is now limited to less popular tobacco options. Compared to a Puff Bar it has a 0.1ml of ejuice more capacity, which is negligible. The nic strength comparison is a different story. The Bidi Stick has 20% more nicotine than a Puff Bar: 6% versus 5%.


While still a stick style disposable, the Bidi has a higher quality and nice mouthpiece. Puff Bar only gives you a sliver of plastic about the frame. The draw itself is quite comparable as these devices are of similar size and identical power.


And the 280mAh battery is big enough to extract every drop of ejuice. The Puff Bar has the same size battery. But none of this matters if the flavors aren’t there. Let us take a look out how the Bidi Stick does in this all important area.


Mint Freeze Bidi Stick


When Juul Mint was voluntarily pulled from the market last year, the most popular flavor on the market was no longer available. But options remain on the market. If you live in a state that does not have additional restrictions, a refillable vape pod kit and bottled nic salt ejuice is an even more cost effective method of enjoying this flavor. We outline your choices in our feature on the best Juul Mint alternatives.



Mint Freeze Bidi Stick should be added to this list of options. It is a cold and refreshing combination of pure menthol ice and spearmint hard candy. Smooth and icy, it really excels as an all-day vape.



Lush Ice Bidi Sticks


Lush Ice Bidi Sticks is a new entrant in the competitive disposable vape market but is a worthy contender. For an idea of how heated the competition is, check out our deep dive into the Best Lush Ice Disposable Vape. Bidi sticks belongs near the top of a list.


The Lush Ice Stig innovated this flavor combination. It was the OG Lush Ice and featured notes of raspberry with the famous watermelon-ice combo. Bidi Stick went a slightly different direction but the resulting flavor cannot be argued with.



A blend of watermelon, melon and menthol, all the coolness and ripe fruit flavors that has made Lush Ice the hottest flavor in nic salts are present in every puff. The icy chill and deft touch of watermelon are never overly sweet and make for a great all day vape.


Dragon Venom Bidi Sticks


The popular conception is that breathing fire is the mythical dragon’s weapon of choice. But it turns out Dragon Venom also backs a mean punch. The unmistakable yet exotic tropical flavors of dragon fruit are compelling and sweet.


If the naming convention is to be believed, Dragon equals dragon fruit. Does this mean that Venom equals strawberry? A bizarre notion to be sure but there is no doubt that the strawberry effectively infiltrates every puff. The bright berry notes play off the almost kiwi-watermelon level of sweetness in the dragon fruit. There is enough tartness to keep the flavor balanced. The combination is perfectly suited for mouth to lung disposable like Bidi Sticks.


Jungle Juice Bidi Sticks


Jungle juice may be vernacular for atrocious fruit punch and Everclear, but Jungle Juice Bidi Sticks burst with the vibrant flavors that adult vapers and ex-smokers have long been shown to prefer. A combination of melon, banana and pineapple, Bidi Sticks Jungle Juice has a smooth nic salt finish and a bright fruity profile that will appeal to the millions of adult smokers who had transitioned to prefilled vape pod. A great Juul Alternative, the disposable vape market is loaded with juggernauts but Bidi Stick is ready to compete.