On Friday, Vapor4Life went to the second annual VapeBash, an e-cig convention in Rosemont, Illinois. It was packed, with over 1,600 vapers in attendance! I heard the Windy City Vapers Club (who put on the event) actually ran out of name badges on the first day (now that is a good problem to have)! There were so many people there, in fact, it was a little hard to hear, and almost hard to see people with all the vapor that hung in the air. Brandon (BHam) and a few other V4L crew members tended to our booth. We saw several customers and people from the forums. We saw @TowerofVape (Rich Gavina), StephanieT, AzVitesse who gave BHam a big hug, TxTunesLady, who wore cute pigtails, Lisa66, Frank Cahall, and Mark Raymond sporting a new mod. It was really fun meeting people in real life who we frequently talk with online. E-cigarette reviewers Nick Grimm Green, Phil Busardo, Dimitri (The Vaping Greek), and Darren Williger were there. A lot of vendors donated prizes for a raffle drawing. Vapor4Life gave away four Automatic Dial-A-Volt Starter Kits, one in each of the four sizes and colors. There was a flavor table set up where companies could leave juice for people to try. We sold a lot of WOW e-juice, particularly the Apple and Peach breeze menthol flavors. We saw a ton of cool new toys from other vendors. There were soft bunny drip tips, Steampunk mods, mustache drip tips, glass tanks, e-pipes, EGOs, t-shirts, and more. A ton of people took pictures and videos of the event. Here are a few: VapeBash Twitter Feed (you don't need a Twitter account to view) Vapers Blog Vapor Craze's VapeBash 2013 Facebook Album GrimmGreen's VapeBash 2013 Wrap Up Video Check out some photos from the event on our Facebook page by clicking here. Did you go? Share your experiences with us in the comment section below!