Rechargeable vs. Disposable E-Cigarettes: Which Type Suits Your Lifestyle?
If re new to vapinyou ag -- that is, using electronic cigarettes -- then you may be unsure how to make sense of all of your electronic cigarette options. Those who have recently quit smoking often find that they crave the experience that tobacco cigarettes offer. Others, however, may be looking for alternatives that are more cost effective in the long run. While e cigs, or vapor cigarettes, can vary among manufacturers, there are two varieties that you will see the most: disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarettes. Each type of e cig has its advantages and disadvantages, but ultimately, the decision to choose one (or both) is up to the user. Whether you're looking to make the switch from smoking or you're looking into some different e cig options, here are some of the factors to consider when choosing either one: Disposable E Cigarettes
  • What are they? Disposable e cigarettes sometimes receive the name "cig-alikes" because they can look and feel similar to a tobacco cigarette. These e cigs have a limited lifespan, and although that varies by brand, in general they each last around the length of time it would take to smoke about one to two packs of cigarettes. These models already come pre-loaded with e liquid, so they don't need refills. They can be recycled once they are empty.
  • What are the advantages? For those who want an e cig that doesn't require any refilling or maintenance, these can be a great option. They are ready to use right out of the pack.
  • What are the disadvantages? Because disposable e cigarettes only have a limited lifespan, they may not be suitable for those who were heavy smokers or those who don't want the continuous costs of buying new e cigs. Also, they may not be available in as many flavors as rechargeable e cigs.
Rechargeable E Cigarettes
  • What are they? Rechargeable e cigs are made to be recharged, refilled, and reused again and again. While some brands may have the appearance of a cigarette, others, like vapor pens, will look entirely different and may have very little resemblance to a disposable e cig. They can be charged through a USB port and/or wall charger and give the user hours of battery life.
  • What are the advantages? Rechargeable e cigarettes can be refilled with any of the hundreds of vaping flavors for sale both online and in vaping shops. These range from candy and fruit flavors to chocolate and coffee varieties and more. As a result, they can offer more options for the user. The e cigs themselves can also be customized in more ways than disposable cigarettes, with different batteries, atomizers/vaporizers, colors, and shapes.
  • What are the disadvantages? Although they may require fewer costs over time (usually just for the e liquid refills), rechargeable vaping kits can cost a lot more than a pack of disposable e cigs. They also need to have their e liquid refilled from time to time, which may be more work than some users would like.
Which type of electronic cigarette do you prefer? Tell us why you like your disposable and rechargeable e cigs in the comments.