If you are a former smoker, chances are good that you have a few old ashtrays sitting around. Some people throw theirs out the moment they decided to quit smoking. Some clean theirs and hide them away "just in case". Others reuse them in a way other than their original purpose. I am what you might call a collector of sorts (I prefer not to use the harsh term 'hoarder'). I generally like to save anything that I think might come in handy one day. From used tissue paper wrapping to cheap holiday decorations designed for one-time use, I am the type of person who won't throw these items away. I figure that there will come a time in the future that I can reuse something that others think of as trash. When I smoked I had a few different ashtrays. I used a clay pot that I had made in art class one year, I had a plain glass ashtray, and a black ceramic ashtray shaped like a skull and bones that had placeholders for about 10 burning cigarettes. As most can probably relate to, there were times that I quit smoking cold turkey for a bit. During those times in my life, I washed out the ashtrays and tucked them away in a box. I kept them around thinking that one day I might use them again, hopefully for something other than stubbing out my cigarettes. I eventually made use of the clay pot I made and the skull and bones ashtray to hold my jewelry. I never made anything crazy out the ordinary, but I was able to re-purpose them instead of adding to the landfills. There are plenty of very crafty people who really enjoy taking old items and creating new things with them. If you search the Internet or Pinterest, you can find many people who have used their old ashtrays in art projects. Some are turned into works of art, just meant to be admired. Others are turned into items for everyday use. Some ashtrays turn into holders for coins, keys, paperclips, rubber bands, thumbtacks, or makeup. Some are ironically used to hold e-cigarette cartomizers or batteries! We want to know, what have you done with your old ashtrays? Are they long gone in the trash, or do you use them for other things now?