How to Refill a Puff Bar

Can You Refill a Puff Bar?


Disposable vapes are incredibly popular with adult vapers left in the lurch by the federal ban on flavored pods and carts, but they are just one time use devices. Vapers love their form factor and convenience, lending itself to the big question- can you refill a Puff Bar?


Disposable Vapes


The number of puffs you get from a disposable are contingent on three factors: ejuice capacity, coil resistance/power out and battery life. In the case of a Puff Bar, we are looking at a classic stick style disposable that is virtually identical to a huge number of its competitors.


The similarities between disposable brands cross over to flavors as well. The reason Vapor4Life carries so many disposables is because of this flavor overlap. Even if you favorite disposable ecig is sold out, you can probably find a comparable flavor from a half-dozen or more other companies.

disposable vapes

The Puff Bar holds 1.3ml of ejuice and has a 280mAh battery. The number of puffs you get will depend on how long your average inhale is. The longer the drag, the fewer total puffs you will get, although the amount of ejuice consumed will be the same.


How to Refill a Puff Bar


Refilling a Puff Bar is pretty easy but takes a little elbow grease. We do not recommend refilling a Puff Bar because it really makes no sense and is not designed to be opened. You will probably need at least a paper clip and maybe a small screw driver to pop-up off the mouthpiece and start the process.


If you have ejuice on hand, why not put it into a device that is meant to be filled or obtain a new disposable. It can also be a bit messy as the ejuice is stored in cotton polyfill and not a pod.


These three pieces must be removed to fill a Puff Bar. The mouthpiece, cotton leak guard and a silicone stopper that fits in the center airflow tube.


There are a couple baffles and seals in place that must be removed to get at that juice reservoir. The first step is to remove the small, black plastic mouth piece. This is not super easy but can be accomplished. Beneath the mouthpiece is a piece of cotton and a second white silicone dam. This piece is pressed directly into the airflow tube which directs vapor into your mouth a lungs.


This silicone stopper is the third level of defense against leakage. Remove this and you have access to the ejuice soaked polyfill found in every stick disposable.


I was able to remove this white silicone piece by press it on one end with a paper clip to flip up the  other side high enough to grasp. Once this piece is removed, you can simply drip nic salts onto the polyfill. The act of removing this inner silicone blocker has the potential to create a mess as it is holding the nic salts in place.


Here is your view of the Puff Bar's ejuice soaked polyfill. All you need to do now is fill. If the battery dies, which it very well might, you have wasted nic salts.


When filling a Puff Bar, make sure you avoid dripping ejuice down the center tube. That is the airflow tube and you will get spitback and leakage from anything that falls into this.



When reassembling disposable ecig, you have to make sure that the tube like attachment on the silicone stopper is fit back into the center airflow tube that runs down the middle of the disposable. Otherwise, the device will not work. It requires airflow to activate the autodraw.


This center airflow tube tends to get knocked off-center when removing the components of the Puff Bar and has to be re-centered.


Why Refill a Puff Bar?


There is really no reason to refill a Puff Bar. Unlike a prefilled vape pod kit, the Puff Bar cannot be recharged. So you are taking a chance of filling it with ejuice you will have no way of extracting.


There are other caveats as well. As mentioned above, it could get messy. Like all stick disposables, the ejuice in a Puff Bar is stored in a cotton polyfill block. This is great for flavor but is not a sealed tank. The juice is mostly soaked into the cotton but there is a reason why there are several plastic seals and buffers in place to keep the ejuice from leaking out of the mouth piece.


We would never recommend refilling a Puff Bar when it always makes for more sense to simply purchase a refillable vape pod kit designed for that purpose. It will have better performance, flavor, the ability to be recharged and the added bonus of actually being designed to be refilled. If you are planning on refilling Puff Bar, you clearly already have eliquids on hand and are willing to fill a device that is not designed to be refilled as correspondingly messier and harder to refill.


Apart from disposable vapes not being designed to be opened, another risk is wasting ejuice. It is quite possible that you will fill the disposable and the battery will promptly die. It is not unusual for the batteries on disposables to give up the ghost just before the ejuice supply has been exhausted. With no way to recharge the disposable, any ejuice dripped into it is pretty much locked there until it is vaped.


I was able to come up with two scenarios where refilling a Puff Bar is not complete folly. The first is that somehow all of the ejuice within a Puff Bar has evaporated or leaked out but the battery is fully functional. Your disposable is the only device you have but inexplicably you still have a bottle of ejuice. In such desperate straits, filling a Puff Bar might make sense.


Another situation is that you want to mix a complementary nic salt flavor in with your Puff Bar flavor. After vaping a portion the disposable, you could then squeeze in a few drops of nic salts. Unlike filling an empty Puff Bar, you are not at risk of losing 1.3ml of nic salts if the device battery immediately gives up the ghost. But you are still at risk of the battery dying before you extract all of your eliquids.


If you are looking for nic salt eliquids, check out our wide selection. There are tons of great flavors here and available in multiple nic strengths as well. It makes a lot more sense to purchase a refillable vape pod kit and nic salts than repurpose a disposable vape



We have a huge selection of refillable vape pod kits that provide an experience comprehensively superior to refilling a used disposable vape.