This is a guest post written by Morandir835, an e-cig enthusiast, admin on the Vapor4Life forum, and a regular on their ECF sub forum. Vapor4Life now carries 1.5, 2.0, and 2.5ohm dual coil cartos, and 2.0 and 3.0ohm single coil cartos for tanks. Today I will explain the differences and positives and negatives of each. 1.5ohm Dual Coils The actual ohm rating on these is 1.4-1.6ohms. A dual coil has coils working together in parallel. The actual ohms on each coil is twice that of the final ohm rating (in other words a 1.5ohm dual coil has two 3.0ohm coils). These provide the best throat hit and vapor production potential, along with the same flavor profile of a CoolCart. The biggest drawback to these is that they are hard on batts, and you will have significantly less use-time using these in comparison to the WOW or CoolCarts. I suggest only using these with the King Diamond or Stealth series batts and the 808 EGOs. These shouldn't be used with USB passthroughs. 2.0ohm Dual Coils The actual range on these cartos is 1.9-2.1ohms. They work the same way as
Dual Coil Replacement Cart"
the 1.5ohm dual coils. They don't give the same throat hit and vapor production, but due to it having two 4.0ohm range coils, you get a flavor profile previously unseen in V4L cartos. The higher the ohms, the more voice each aspect of the flavor gets. While still hard on batts, these give you a longer run-time than that of the 1.5ohm dual coils, but shorter than their single coil brethren. They are a hit or miss situation on a passthrough. 2.5ohm Dual Coils These cartos have an actual range of 2.4-2.6ohms. They work just like the 1.5 and 2.0ohm dual coils, but also feature two 5.0ohm range coils. While they do produce less vapor in comparison to the 1.5 and 2.0ohm dual coils, the flavor profile can be overwhelming. Every nuance of a juice is brought out by these (which become my favorite with Nuport WOW and Wowboy). The battery life on these is a little shorter than that of the 2.0ohm single coils, but best of the dual coils. They work on a passthrough with the V4L Wall Adapter, but will be hit or miss with the car adapter. Single Coil 2.0ohm The actual range on these is 1.8-2.2ohms. They perform like WOW cartos with a slight bump in vapor production and throat hit potential. Similar to the WOWs, single coil 2.0ohm cartos bring out the most dominant aspects of a flavor. Of the available cartos, these are the best balance of throat hit, vapor production, and battery life. The drawback to these (and single 3.0ohm cartos)  is that  at lower voltage they clog up faster than their dual coil brethren. These work on every passthrough and wall adapter I've tried, but have been hit or miss on the car adapter. Single Coil 3.0ohm The single coil 3.0ohm cartos have an actual range of 2.8-3.2ohms. They perform slightly better than CoolCarts, because they're truly the middle ground between CoolCarts and WOW carts. They have the least throat hit and vapor production potential of the five different types. The upside is they provide the best battery life and give you the flavor profile of the 1.5ohm dual coil cartos. These work with a passthrough with any 2.0a+ rating from the adapter. I hope this information helps you decide which replacement carto to get for your needs. Feel free to ask questions in the comment section below. Contact Morandir835 via e-mail at [email protected] or through his page on ECF at http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/members/51087/morandir835.html "Even Though I Nothing Learned, With Strength I Burned." - Emperor