New Year's Vaping Resolution 2021: Road to Zero Nicotine

New Year’s Resolutions

A common practice across the globe, New Year’s resolutions are traditionally made at the start of the calendar year and designed to help a person accomplish good practices and behaviors. A healthier diet, exercise, slashing alcohol consumption and smoking cessation are certainly among the most common resolutions.

As a frequent device to prompt self-improvement, the tradition of New Year’s Resolutions is especially prevalent among vapers and smokers, who often find themselves motivated by health or budgetary concerns or find themselves under outside pressure to reduce to their nicotine intake, quit smoking or refrain from vaping.

For 2021, it may be worth trying to vape a lower nicotine level. We have found that most of our customers trend towards reducing their nic strengths over time. The use of lower nic strengths as a way to move towards a vape and nicotine lifestyle is what we call the Road to Zero.


Vaping 2020

Reducing or ceasing to intake of nicotine would not seem to be a goal that furthers the sales of electronic nicotine delivery systems. This disconnect is further exacerbated by the way ecigarettes are treated in the US, just like tobacco. The NHS in the UK has a resource page, Using Cigarettes to Stop Smoking, but in the US ecigarettes cannot be advertised or treated as a cessation tool. It would violate FDA regulations to promote any sort of ecig based titration plan.

This restriction exists despite the fact that the New England Journal of Medicine study found vaping was far more effective than nicotine replacement therapy, we cannot in any way promote ecigarettes for this purpose. The fact that vaping crushed nicotine replacement therapy and the study linking vaping and heart attacks has been completely debunked has entirely escaped the attention of politicians dead-set on denying adult vapers access to smoke and ash free tobacco alternatives.  Add on top of this a media that conflated THC carts and nicotine ecigs, and you have a lot of misinformation out there on vaping. The CDC confirmed vitamin E acetate in mostly black market THC carts were responsible for the vaping lung disease outbreak in the fall of 2019.

The CDC explained in some detail why vitamin E acetate was found in not one nicotine eliquid sample:

“Pure THC oil has a viscosity like that of vitamin E acetate. Cutting THC oil with vitamin E acetate has been reported to be common in the illicit market.9-11 The FDA reports that most case-associated THC product fluids contain vitamin E acetate, at an average concentration of 50% by weight, ranging from 23 to 88%.8 By contrast, the FDA detected no vitamin E acetate in 197 case-associated nicotine products analyzed to date. The viscosity of vitamin E acetate makes it undesirable as an additive to nicotine solutions; the propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin in nicotine solutions create a fluid with a much lower viscosity than that of vitamin E acetate.

Centers for Disease Control, " Vitamin E Acetate in Bronchoalveolar-Lavage Fluid Associated with EVALI", 12/20/2019

Defending vaping is certainly an uphill battle with Michael Bloomberg and his Orwellian named Truth Commission investing millions in banning flavors, ignoring the real reasons why kids vape.


Road to Zero Nicotine

But our goal at Vapor4Life has always been more than just selling as many ecigs as possible. The vision of founder Steve Milin was that Vapor4Life would help smokers switch from combustible cigarettes to ecigarettes and then reduce their nicotine intake with the end-goal of a vaping and nicotine free lifestyle.

We have always sought to help smokers make the switch to vaping by offering the best smoke and ash-free electronic nicotine delivery systems. Our Wow and Premium eliquids are available in 7 nicotine strengths including zero nicotine. Of equal importance, we also make a point of carrying the lowest nicotine strength options for every ejuice and disposable.

Multiple nic strengths is a key component on the Road to Zero. But keep in mind, reducing the nicotine strength of your favorite eliquid but increasing the wattage on your device or frequency you vape is not always a step forward. While the Road to Zero requires no math per se, eliquids are measured in milligrams of nicotine per milliliter. Just keep in mind that 4ml of 3mg is strength is the same amount of nicotine as 2ml of 6mg strength. Luckily, many devices have puff counters and you should be able to track how frequently you are filling your device.

Tracking your intake of nicotine is key if you want to gradually reduce the amount you consume as a New Year’s Resolution. If you are looking for device recommendations or other resources, we have this covered from just about every angle. Here is a guide to our feature deep-dives on the Road to Zero in general and devices, eliquids and coils in particular.

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