Review of Vuse Alto

Vuse Alto Colors

They took away the flavor options from prefilled vape pods but Vuse added a bit of variety to their lineup with a splash of color. The basic Juul device has long been available in several colors and Vuse has followed suit. If the staid graphite color of a standard Vuse Alto is not for you, Vapor4Life now offers this outstanding vape pod kit in five colors. Rose Gold, Teal, Silver, Red Blue and the standard color.

But there are more than superficial reasons to try the Vuse Alto. It is an outstanding vape pod kit that is in most ways superior to the rival Juul and MyBlu devices. If you are looking for flavors other than tobacco and tobacco-menthol, look elsewhere, but if tobacco nic salts are your jam it is an excellent device.

Vuse Alto

The Vuse Alto was built as a competitor to Juul from the ground up. As we found in our deep-dive comparison, Juul versus Vuse Alto, it was also arguably the superior product.

At the time of that review, Juul did have a big edge in flavor options. Vuse Alto boasted a fantastic Mixed Berry eliquid, click here to view the Best Vuse Alto Mixed Berry Alternatives, but Juul offered their best selling Mint, Mango, Crème Brulee, Cucumber and a pair tobacco options as well. If you are looking to enjoy eliquid flavors and do not live an area where they are banned, check out our feature on the Best Juul Alternatives.

But times have changed. The federal flavor ban eliminated all vape pod flavors except tobacco, removing the vape flavors that adults prefer from the best-selling devices in one fell swoop. Here is a guide to our features on the best Juul flavor alternatives.

Juul versus Vuse Alto

As it was designed in response to the Juul device, it is almost impossible to discuss the Vuse Alto without comparing it to a Juul. MyBlu took a different approach and bought the VonErl vape pod kit and relabeled it. To see how MyBlu stacks up, check out MyBlu versus Juul and our comparison MyBlu versus Vuse Alto.

The Vuse Alto is the more powerful device, with a lower resistance coil (1.1ohms versus 18-2.0ohms for the Juul). This means that the Vuse Alto delivers more vapor and heats faster. The Vuse Alto also has the much bigger battery, 350mAh versus 200. In terms of size, the Vuse Alto is slightly larger but takes advantage of this quarter inch length advantage to provide a nicely shaped mouth piece.

Vuse Alto pods hold 1.8ml of nic salt ejuice. Juul pods hold 0.7ml. This makes the Vuse Alto a much better price performer, even if the individual pods for the Juul at first glance appear less expensive. Two Vuse Alto pods hold 3.6ml of eliquid versus 2.8ml in 4 Juul pods.

Vuse Alto hit the market with a nic strength of 5 percent but they have since expanded their nicotine options. You can now get a 1.8 and 2.4 percent nicotine strength Alto pod as well. This is great news for smokers looking to switch to vaping who don’t want to start with the nicotine level pinned to the redline.

If you are looking for an even less expensive, check out our selection of nic salt ejuices and refillable vape pod kits. This is the least expensive way to vape nic salts and also widens your flavor options tremendously. The heat chamber design of the Vuse Alto pods delivers nearly perfect flavor and vapor production. Reported issues of leaking pods popped up when the Vuse Alto was launched a few years ago but these have long since been addressed.

nic salts

The actual vaping experience of the Vuse Alto is top notch. It feels higher quality and has a draw that is superior to the Juul, most disposable ecigs and even some refillable vape pod kits. Juul will soon be down to just a single tobacco flavor, with Juul Virginia Tobacco being given the axe. There is also Juul Menthol, which is not to be mistaken with their long-since cancelled and beloved Juul Mint. Vuse still offers two tobacco and one menthol flavor.

Vuse Alto Flavors

Vuse Alto Dimensions

Golden Tobacco Vuse Alto

RJ Reynolds knows tobacco is their signature tobacco flavor and delivers the exact authentic flavor that ex-smokers are looking for. Golden Tobacco was formerly known as Vuse Alto Original. The name has changed but nothing else. This smooth tobacco nic salt works perfectly with the Vuse Alto vape pod kit. Each Golden Tobacco pod contains 1.8ml of ejuice, which is over twice as large as a Juul pod. With smart draw technology, every Golden Tobacco hit is just golden.

Rich Tobacco Vuse Alto

Rich Tobacco is a very authentic. RJ Reynolds really cranks out some great tobacco nic salts and this is no exception. Both Vuse Alto tobaccos accurately capture the cigarette flavor. It is worth trying both and seeing which one you prefer.

Menthol Vuse Alto

Vuse Menthol Pods have a cool and refreshing menthol flavor. It has spearmint notes that balance out the ice cold menthol hit. Menthol Vuse Pods contain a flavor you can enjoy throughout the day, and packing a 5% nicotine punch in a 1.8ml pod, you don’t need to worry about running through your pod too quickly. Sold in packs of two, Vuse Alto pods are a tremendous value for fans of prefilled vape pod systems and are a great choice for any menthol smoker looking to transition to e-cigarettes.