Road to Zero Nicotine: Box Mods

Our series on lower nicotine vaping options has thus far focused on small, easy to use and discrete vaping devices. Even the Vapor Zeus, a power and authentic e-cigarette, is a user friendly device with pared down controls. You can either get an autodraw Auto Vapor Zeus, a manual Zeus with a single fire button or Dual Mode Vapor Zeus which has both. The most complex model is a variable voltage Vapor Zeus but there is no colorful display or light show anywhere in sight.



Here are the previous features in our series on the Road to Zero Nicotine.



Lower Nicotine Vaping


Vapor4Life’s goal has always been to help smokers switch to vaping. Disposable vapes, the nic salt friendly Vapor Titan Clearomizer, Vapor Zeus and the wide range of vape pod kits on the market are perfect for making the jump. These are mouth to lung vaping devices that mimic the experience of smoking but are available in the bright, complex flavor profiles that adults prefer as well as tobacco flavored options.



With the Zeus, Titan or a refillable vape pod kit, you can literally select from nearly ejuice in the world. Whether you prefer the crystal clear flavor and authentic throat hit of high PG Wow and Premium Ejuices, the thick clouds of high VG ejuices or the smoothness and potency of nic salts, refillable vaping devices offer unparalled flexibility.



Disposable Vapes


Even disposable vapes are getting in on the act of providing lower nicotine options so adults can step down their intake with an eye on a lifestyle entirely free of both nicotine and vaping altogether. We reviewed the best lower nicotine disposable vapes and found that there are several great options on the market.



The most impressive of these was the Zaero Disposable Vape, which is available in four nicotine strengths: 0, 1.8, 3.0 and 5.0 percent. This is ideal for former prefilled vape pod users who are looking for an easy way to vape the types of the flavors that the overwhelming majority of adult vapers prefer.



Vape Mods


Although the vast majority of adult vapers are just looking for an easy to use and satisfying device with great flavor, there remains a sizeable contingent who wants more from their vaping experience. This is where box mods come into play. They are the apogee of vaping technology. These are also the devices used most frequently with and zero nicotine ejuices.


The reason is obvious, the flavor and vapor production provides a satisfying experience without needing a big jolt of nic. A little nic goes a long way in a billowing cloud turned out at 50, 100 and even 150 watts!


Box Mods have evolved over the years but share a few defining characteristics. They come in two parts the vape tank, where the ejuice is stored, and the mod itself. The mod consists of a battery, a display, usually an up and down button to access the menu and a fire button. Some mods have swappable 18650 batteries and others like the Voopoo Drag Mini 117w are able to extract the same level of performance from built-in batteries.


Although some mods are sold individually, most now come in a kit which includes a tank perfectly suited for the mods performance parameters. Box mod kits are generally a better value to go along with their performance. 


Box Mod versus Vape Pod


Just a year ago, it was much easier to explain the reasoning behind both box mods and vape pods flooding the market. Vape pods were smaller, simpler, mouth to lung devices ideal for vaping nic salts. Vaping nic salts out of a box mod with a subohm coil is a big no-no and potentially overwhelming. Many subohm coils in box mod tanks can be run at tenfold the power of vape pod device.


This is why box mods are generally used with lower nicotine ejuices, ranging between 0 and 0.6 percent (versus 2.5 to 5.0 percent nic strength for most nic salts).  have variable wattage which can top out at 225w, smaller vape pods generally are kicking out no more than 15watts and don’t even have a display or fire button.


 The biggest differentiation between a box mod and a vape pod is that box mods use 510 threading to affix their vape tanks. This threading convention is consistent and allows a single vape mod to handle a wide range of tanks. Vape pods on the other hand are proprietary. A Suorin Air Plus pod only works in a Suorin Air Plus. If you are vaping a Smok Novo 2, a pod from the similar looking Smok Nord does you no  


Another advantage that box mods once had is fading away: a lack of swappable coils. Vape pods were initially launched without coils that could be replaced. Companies offered pods with more than one resistance level so the product would appeal to the widest audience possible but the intrinsic waste of throwing away a whole pod after a bottle or less of nic salts was there.


Today, smaller devices like the Smok Nord and Suorin Reno, bigger vape pod kits like Smok RPM40 and RPM80, and cutting edge vape pod kits like the Lost Vape Orion Q-Pro all have the option of replacing the coil rather than the whole pod.


But that being said, the performance of box mods is still on another level due to their larger batteries and greater output.


Box Mods



Smok T-Storm 230W



There is no better way to enjoy huge clouds of low nicotine vape juice than a powerful box mod. Not surprisingly, Smok has a stacked lineup to choose from. The T-Storm is one of several new, limited edition, designs they released this spring. Sold without a tank, these are all great values and deliver performance that would be unheard of a couple years ago for less than $50.00.


When I first read that Smok was making a mod styled after the incompetent foot soldiers of a sci-fi evil empire franchise, I pictured a very gaudy device. But the T-Storm actually looks pretty slick and the layout is completely logical. No sacrifices in substance have been made for style.


A dual battery design with 230w of power, high quality screen and high-end chipset make this a very practical and powerful every day box mod. This devic


It will work great with which ever tank you choose, but the Smok TF Tank would be a logical choice.


Smok D-Barrel 225W



The ergonomic Smok D-Barrel 225W adopts the basic design setup of the Smok Mag Baby, but smooths the contours for an even more comfortable grip. With a bright finish, this is one attractive mod. It simply looks and feels upscale. It does not come with a tank but can fit most medium and larger models. The D-Barrel is rounded and less bellicose in appearance than the Mag Grip 225W, but it keeps the practical screen placement (next to the tank rather than the face) and trigger pull functionality. 


Smok Morph 219W



The Smok Morph 219W was a recent addition to their crowded box mod lineup. We took a close look at this new design in our feature that pitted the Smok Morph versus Smok Alien. The Smok Morph is the Smok Alien’s spiritual heir. Superficially, they share a similar appearance.


Both are dual 18650 battery powered mods with similar front facia and trim.But the Morph has significantly improved ramp up speed, a gorgeous display, and the brand new TF Tank. If you loved the Alien and are looking for an upgrade, this is the tank for you. If you are looking for a classic box mod with cutting edge features, the Morph delivers on that front as well.


Voopoo Drag Mini Kit



While the Smok Mods listed above have swappable 18650 batteries, the Voopoo Drag Mini has a built in 4400mAh battery. Apart from weight a third less than the regular Voopoo Drag, there is nothing mini about this box mod. With an output of 117w, it can handle virtually any tank on the market. It comes with the excellent Uforce T2 tank and has a simply gorgeous platinum finish. We reviewed the original Voopoo Drag 2 last year. The Drag Mini has all the same features but is an even more practical box mod.


Pod Mods


Vaping devices kept shrinking and shrinking, but they are beginning to inflate again. This is great in terms of performance and flexibility. Battery size is basically immutable. If you want the power on tap to either subohm vape low nicotine ejuice or enjoy higher nicotine juice in a higher resistance coil, you are gonna need something more than the tiny battery in a Juul or even the 800-1000mAh batteries found in devices like the Smok Novo 2 and Suorin Air Plus.


Here are some of the most robust pod mods on the market. They can easily handle the thickset, VG heavy, low nicotine ejuices. But swap in a different pod or coil and they can extract all the flavor you want from potent nic salts at a low wattage. Although there are a number of devices that call themselves Pod Mods, at this point two Smok products stand above all others. Here is our comparison of the Smok RPM40 versus the Smok RPM80.


Smok RPM40



The Smok RPM 40 is an all-in-one pod mod. With a 1500mAh battery and an output of up to 40 watts, it can handle nic salts and high VG ejuice with equal aptitude. Each Smok RPM 40 kit comes with a Nord pod, which is compatible with Smok Nord Coils and the brand new RPM pod. The RPM pod is optimized for the impressive RPM family of coils. Click here to view our complete review of the Smok RPM40.


Smok RPM80



Smok has gone all in with refillable vape pod kits and all-in-one devices of ever increasing performance and power. The Smok RPM80 takes the concept of the Smok RPM40 and supersizes it. The RPM80 is still fairly compact but has twice the power and the RPM80 Pro is powered by swappable batteries.


The Smok RPM80 can kick out up to 80watts of power and is powered by a single 18650 battery. This is perfect for vape mod users who want to take full advantage of the RPM80s performance and do not want to wait for it to recharge.


The Smok RPM80 comes with two pods. The RPM pod is compatible with all RPM coils. This includes the delightful subohm 0.4ohm mesh coil and 1.0ohm coil for nic salts. The second pod is for the newer and larger RGC coils. The kit includes the fire breathing 0.17ohm RGC Coil which is ideal for low nic, high VG ejuices. The Smok RPM80 has the chops to hand with the most free-wheeling and cloud throwing vape tanks with the RGC coil or a restrictive, high resistance vape pod kit depending on which coil you have interested.


Quite an accomplishment from such a small device.