Road to Zero Nicotine: Vapor Titan

There is a reason many vapers prefer higher nicotine ejuices and mouth to lung devices. They are discrete, burn less juice and deliver a satisfying experience through fewer total inhales. Both nic salt ejuices and high PG ejuices like the Wow and Premium Eliquid lineup are popular fuels for smaller vaping devices.


The biggest advantage of higher nicotine ejuices is that they require a smaller device. There is no need, manufacturers urge you not to, use a cloud throwing box mod with nic salts or regular ejuices with a nic level over 1.2 percent. As less power is needed to generate a satisfying hit, a higher resistance coil and smaller battery are required.


Ideal for higher nicotine ejuices is a sleek and slim design like the Vapor Titan. Compatible with prefilled cartridges, blank/refillable carts and a flavorful clearomizer, we examined earlier if the Vapor Titan is the best way to vape nic salts.


But at Vapor4Life, our goal is not to help our customers find the most efficient to vape the most nicotine possible. Quite the contrary. Our purpose has always been to help smokers to switch to vaping. And many of our customers find higher nicotine ejuices more satisfying when they make the switch.


And after the switch from smoking to vaping, our hope is that you are able to reduce your nicotine level with the goal of achieving a vape and nicotine free lifestyle.


Vapor Titan



The Vapor Titan makes for a nearly perfect starter kit for any smoker making the switch to vaping. It is easy to use, requires minimal maintenance, is compact and works great with higher nicotine ejuices.


But we have found that over time, most of our Vapor Titan customers gradually reduce their nicotine level. This is true whether they use prefilled cartridges, refillable cartridges or the Clearomizer. Providing excellent flavor and good throat hit with dozens of different Wow and Premium flavors is certainly one reason this is the case.


You can start out at a strength of 3.6 percent, which is approaching nic salt territory, but can then drop down to 2.4, 1.8, 1.1, 0.8, 0.4 and eventually nicotine free.


Vapor Zeus


If you are looking for something a bit more beefy and powerful, check out the Vapor Zeus. It is no more difficult to use but generates a more powerful, flavorful and authentic hit. We took a look at the Zeus recently as part of this series, Road to Zero Nicotine: Vapor Zeus.



Disposable Vapes


Despite the existence of the Vapor Zeus, the Vapor Titan is not a transitional device. Unless like most disposable vapes, with the exception of the Zaero Disposable Vape which comes in four nic strengths, the Vapor Titan gives you the option of multiple nicotine strengths.



The Zaero does not match the flexibility of a refillable device but strengths of 0, 1.8, 3.0 and 5.0 percent is a solid start. And nothing is easier to use. If you refuse to fill your  Road to Zero: Disposable Vapes.



Wow and Premium Ejuices



The Vapor Titan was originally designed to work seamlessly with Wow and Premium ejuices and prefilled carts. Unfortunately, the federal flavor ban removed prefilled carts in the favors that adult vapers prefer from the market. The good news for Vapor Titan users is that they can still enjoy the exact same flavors using the exact same equipment that made prefilled carts such a satisfying experience.


Provided you do not live in a state with additional restrictions, all of the Vapor Titan cart flavors can be loaded into a refillable/black cartridge. And filling a cartridge is easy. Check out this video that shows just how quickly you can have your Vapor Titan Cartridges up and running again.



Wow and Premium Ejuices are high PG Eliquids designed to deliver an authentic experience. They are also a key asset to any vaper looking to gradually reduce their nicotine level. Wow and Premium ejuices come in seven nic strengths and deliver a level of crystal clear flavor that is impossible to find in nic salts and higher VG vape juices.


Vapor Titan Clearomizer



A unique feature of the Vapor Titan is that it works not only as a top tier cartridge based system. It also has a compatible Vapor Titan Clearomizer that is ideal for nic salts and high-PG ejuices like the Wow and Premium lines.



The Vapor Titan Clearomizer is exceedingly easy to use. You can easily monitor how much ejuice you have left through the transparent shell and enjoy crystal clear flavors. Much like a vape pod, there are no coils to swap or maintenance. You can generally get 5-7 fills out of a Clearomizer, which is about half a nic salt bottle or even a bit more of the less viscous high PG Wow and Premium ejuices, before the flavors deteriorate. You then replace the old Clearomizer with a new one. They are affordable and a great alternative to refillable vape pod kits.