Road to Zero Nicotine: Vapor Zeus

Road to Zero Nicotine

The transition from smoking to vaping can be tricky and the giving up vaping entirely can also be a challenge. This is why the flexibility afforded by multiple ejuice nic strengths is popular with many vapers. The last entry in this series, Road to Zero Nicotine: Wow and Premium Ejuices,  

The need to provide vapers with multiple options is why Vapor4Life has always offered Wow and Premium ejuices in seven different nicotine strength. Our goal has always been to facilitate a transition from smoking to vaping and from vaping to a nicotine and vaping free life.

Wow and Premium Ejuices

Although nic salts are a popular go to for mouth to lung vapers looking for a potent ejuice, Wow and Premium ejuices are available in up to 3.6 percent nic strength. The big difference is they are also available in 0.0%, 0.4%, 0.8%, 1.1%, 1.8% and 2.4%.

This allows a vaper to move from a high level and gradually step down if they want to all the way to zero. The combination of Vapor Zeus and Wow and Premium Ejuices is perfectly designed for this approach. You can start out with a potency approaching the typical nic salt and dip below the levels found in the foggiest high VG juice.

Disposable Vapes

Although there are now lower nicotine disposable vapes, such as the Zaero, there are more efficient methods of vaping that save money and provide even more flexibility. The Zaero Disposable is a logical choice for adults who are looking a quick and satisfying cigarette alternative with no buttons or filling.

It is also a great option for fans of flavored prefilled vape pods, which were banned by the FDA. As far as ease of use, nothing beats a disposable. Just open the box and vape. Check out our feature, Road to Zero Nicotine: Disposable Vapes, for a complete examination of lower nicotine disposables.

But for adults looking for the most authentic flavor and vaping experience, there are better alternatives.

The Vapor Zeus

The Vapor Zeus is a time tested device equally capable of handling nic salts or high PG wow and premium ejuices. A mouth to lung device, it is a great choice for smokers looking for an authentic throat hit and vaping experience that more closely mimics a combustible cigarettes.

Since mouth to lung vaping is much more like smoking than direct to lung, there is generally a premium placed on nic strength, the tightness of the draw and throat hit. The Vapor Zeus checks all of these boxes.


The Smileomizer cartomizer design is what allows the Vapor Zeus to provide such a wide range of vaping experiences. It is the heart of the Vapor Zeus design. It can draw out all the smoothness and flavor of nic salt ejuices and with its big capacity can easily get you through the day. Check out our feature on vaping nic salts in a Vapor Zeus for more information.

But the Zeus’s original purpose was not to serve as a flexible Juul alternative. It is an e-cigarette. It pulls like a cigarette, delivers thick and satisfying vapor and is deal for throaty high-PG ejuices. Although most Vapor Zeus users prefer the sweeter Eliquids that that the majority of adult vapers prefer, it can really make tobacco vape juices sing.

The Smileomizer may not technically be a vape pod but functions in much the same manner. The primary difference is it screws into place rather than snaps. It can be refilled multiple times and once it reaches the end of its life, you do not swap out coils but replace the entire tank. This gives the Vapor Zeus the same level of convenience as a refillable vape pod kit but even greater performance.

Other Vapor Zeus features are its modified 5 volt design, a high-end smart chip that provides a perfect puff every time.

Filling a Vapor Zeus

  • Place the Smileomizer on a flat surface that is covered with a napkin or tissue and remove the mouth piece.
  • Carefully and slowly drip e-juice directly onto the cotton polyfill giving it time to absorb.
    1. Do not drip e-juice directly into the center tube. That is the air intake.
    2. Monitor the fill level of your Smileomizer by tracking how much you have squeezed from your ejuice bottle.  A small Smileomizer holds approximately 3-3.5ml of ejuice and a large Smileomizer 6 to 6.5ml. That works out to either 10 or TWENTY percent of a standard 30ml bottle.
  • Gently wipe away any excess liquid and replace the tip.
  • Allow your Smileomizer it sit in an upright position for 15 minutes. This allows the juice to soak in fully for optimal flavor.
  • Reconnect your Smileomizer to the battery and vape.

Vapor Zeus Models

One reason that prefilled vape pod kits and disposables are so popular is because there is very little room for user input or error. You just inhale. There are also no settings or coils to mess around with. The Vapor Zeus operates on a similar premise at the user level.

Auto Vapor Zeus

The Auto Vapor Zeus is designed specifically for former smokers who don’t want to clown around with variable wattage or even a fire button. All you need to do is charge, fill and puff. As simple to use as any vape pod kit, the Auto Vapor Zeus is perfect for nic salts, regular ejuice and our authentic, high PG Wow and Premium ejuices. With 5 volts of power and three battery sizes available, this is a perfect starter kit for a current smoker and a great flexible alternative for fans of autodraw vape pods and disposables.

Dual Mode Vapor Zeus

Much like the popular UWell Caliburn vape pod kit, the Dual Mode Vapor Zeus allows button fire or autodraw activation. This is great if you vape more than one type of ejuice. For higher nicotine ejuices, autodraw is popular, as you drop in level, button fire becomes more practical. Just click the button 5 times to switch to autodraw.

Variable Voltage Vapor Zeus

If you need a bit more flexibility, there is a Variable Voltage Vapor Zeus as well. Dial the perfect wattage and get the perfect hit every time. It still works just as easily but gives you the option to ramp up or reduce the wattage depending on what you are vaping.