Road to Zero Nicotine: Wow and Premium EJuice

Vapor4Life has always offered a wide range of nicotine strengths to our customers. This is because our goal is not only to help smokers switch from combustible cigarettes to ecigs. We want our customers to gradually reduce their nicotine intake with the long-term goal of living a lifestyle free of vaping and nicotine.

This is why we offer our Wow and Premium ejuices in seven nicotine strengths and including nicotine free. These strengths are: 0.0%, 0.4%, 0.8%, 1.1%, 1.8%, 2.4% and 3.6%. The 2.4 and 3.6 percent strengths are competitive with nic salts but bring a more authentic throat hit to the table, making them ideal for heavy smokers looking for a realistic but delicious puff.

We have found that over the years our average customer lowers their nicotine level, even if their general flavor preferences remain consistent.

Disposable Vapes

Another example of our interest in lower nicotine options can be found in our selection of disposable vapes. Specifically, Zaero Disposable vape offers more flexibility than most bottled ejuices when it comes to strength selection.

A great lower nicotine disposable vape option, it is available in four nic strengths including zero.  This is unusual in the world of nic salt disposables, where most have a strength of at least 6 percent. Our feature, Road to Zero: Low Nicotine Vapes, takes a close look at the options that vapers have available. We also compared the best of these disposables in our comparison: The Best Lower Nicotine Disposable Vapes.

But for former heavy smokers, nic salts are not the only mouth to lung vaping option that delivers a satisfying experience. It is time to take a look at our Wow and Premium ejuices.

Federal Flavor Ban

The federal flavor ban may have targeted prefilled vape pods but unfortunately carts were caught in the cross hairs too. The good news is that if you live in a state with no additional restrictions you can enjoy the exact same flavors, just directly out of the bottle. You can even use the same equipment. As the following video below demonstrates, using blank carts is easy and can save you money too. If you are curious about the status of vaping in your state, our dedicated resource page covering state and municipal vape ban laws has you covered.

Evolution of Vaping

It is interesting to consider how vaping trends have come full circle. The first wave of ecigs were disposables with high nicotine levels and minimal vapor production. The goal was to provide an equivalent performance to an analogue cigarette.

The nicotine level of these earliest ecigs was limited by the use of regular nicotine, which has a higher pH level than later nic salts. A higher pH level limits the amount you can add before the harshness becomes too strong to endure.

Gradually, vapers moved on to ever larger pieces of equipment until box mods were considered the apogee of modern vaping. The box mod is cut from a totally different cloth than the original ecigs. Bulky, thirsty and fueled by low nicotine, high VG ejuice, they were the very opposite of discrete. They delivered great flavor and massive clouds. But it was a totally different style of vaping and one not particularly well-suited for adults looking to make the switch from smoking.

Although the lower nicotine levels usually vaped in box mods would appear to be a plus. The overall complexity, with swappable and even rebuildable coils, batteries, and high ejuice consumpton makes them a device best suited for hobbyists.

Box mods remain one of the best ways to enjoy the fantastic flavors that adult vapers prefer and are an open system that is defiantly kid-unfriendly.

Wow and Premium EJuices

It turns out most adults are just looking for an easy to use device and a satisfying experience. Vaping Wow and Premium ejuices from a Vapor Zeus, Vapor Titan or similar reusable and refillable device has always fit the bill.

Wow and Premium ejuices are high PG ejuices and optimized for an authentic vaping experience. They are both 25% VG and 75% PG formulations. This results in a purer flavor and lower viscosity. Ideal for higher resistance devices, Wow and Premium ejuices deliver an experience closer to actual smoking than Eliquids than contain more VG. They also produce less vapor.

Most nic salts are a 50/50 split, which means than Wow and Premium ejuices have a generally cleaner flavor with less of the intrinsic sweetness found in vegetable glycerin.

Although not as well suited for the box mods which were popular a few years ago, they are actually quite enjoyable when used in a refillable vape pod kit.

Difference Between Wow and Premium Ejuice

As a pair of high PG ejuices, Wow and Premium Ejuice are certainly more alike than different and both are far removed from the high-VG ejuices that are used in box mods. But there are subtle differences.

Wow Ejuice

  • More vapor
  • Milder throat hit
  • Lighter flavor

Vapor4Life Premium E-Juice

  • Lighter vapor
  • Stronger throat hit
  • More flavor

They are close enough where your actual flavor preference will outweigh these considerations and there are a number of ejuices available in both flavors.

Vapor Zeus

When it comes to vaping delicious, high PG ejuices and nic salts, there is no more flavorful and efficient method than the Vapor Zeus. With a convenient tubular shape, patented Smileomizer tank and long lasting battery, it delivers perfect puffs almost every time.

Although original designed for Wow and Premium Ejuices, it is well adapted to 50/50 VG/PG nic salts. There is a variable voltage Vapor Zeus, a buttonless auto Vapor Zeus and a dual mode Vapor Zeus that can be switched between autodraw and button firing.

If you are looking for a robust, flexible and flavorful device, the Vapor Zeus delivers amazing performance and remains one of the top devices on the market today in terms of flexibility and flavor.

Vapor Titan

The Vapor Titan is a smaller and less powerful alternative to the Vapor Zeus. The Vapor Titan Clearomizer is particularly well suited for the nic salt vaper who is looking for a simple device and also excels with Wow and Premium ejuices. We examined it head to head with a some of the best vape pods on the market and found the flavor it delivers makes it one of the best ways to vape nic salts.

The Vapor Titan was of course originally designed for prefilled cartridges. Fans of tobacco cartridges still have full access to the flavors they prefer but anyone who enjoyed a sweeter profile needs to consider the blank or refillable cartridges that we describe in more detail above.