Sea Air versus Sea Stix versus Posh Plus

Disposable Vapes


Now that the ejuice flavors that the majority of adult vapers prefer are no longer available in prefilled vape pods, disposables vapes are one of the only games in town.


A refillable vape pod kit may be the least expensive way to vape nic salt ejuices but nothing is easier than use a disposable. As a category of e-cigarettes, disposable vapes are one of the best Juul alternatives on the market today.



But not everyone wants refillable and this is important to consider. It turns out most adult vapers are just looking for an easy to use device that delivers delicious flavor and is satisfying. They are generally not looking for complex devices or tobacco/menthol flavors. Disposables fit the bill perfectly. They do not require charging or filling.


Best Disposable Vapes



There is a lot of competition in disposable vape arena. We reviewed the many worthy contenders in our deep-dive: The Best Disposable Vapes. The bulk of disposable vapes fall into one of two categories. There are stick style disposables, the Sea Stix we review today is of this style.


Stick disposables are about 4 inches long and position a nic salt soaked polyfill above the battery. Examples of a stick style disposable are the Zaero, Mr Vapor, Puff Bar, and Sea Stix.


This design is not technologically dissimilar to classic cigalike disposables and generates great flavor. The other common design is the disposable mini vape. The Stig, Mojo, Twst and Myle Mini fall into this category and we compared them head to head in our feature: The Best Disposable Mini Vapes.


Mini vapes generally hold a bit less ejuice, which is stored in a pod placed parallel to the battery to reduce the length of the device. Overall, the performance and puff counts are similar enough that the deciding factor for most vapers will be flavor quality and availability.


Sea Air Vape


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The Posh Plus was the giant of the disposable vape world until recently. But there is a new mega-sized contender: the Sea Air. It looks for all the world like a disposable Suorin Air Plus. This means a credit card sized foot print and a unique mouthpiece placement.


Expect to see more disposables embrace the unique form factor of the Sea Air Disposable. It holds a hefty 2.6ml ejuice, which is twice the capacity of many of its disposable competitors. It manages to stay portable by adopting a flat and convenient shape.


If you are a fan of the credit card shaped vape andinterested in a refillable device with the same form factor, the Suorin Air versus Suorin Air Plus comparison describes the devices that inspired the Sea Air Vape in detail.


Green Apple Sea Air Vape


Overshadowed by popular mango and melon ejuices, the nostagic and delicious flavor classic sour green apple hard candy is perfectly suited for mouth to lung vaping and nic salt disposables. Sweet and tart, this flavor lacks the ice and ripe fruit notes of Red Apple Sea Air.The Sea Air has a massive ejuice capacity of 2.6ml and is powered by a 450mAh battery. The Sea Air has a nic strength of 5 percent.


Mango Sea Air


It seems that no disposable vape lineup is complete without a mango flavor. Even in the face of such stiff competition, the Sea Air is one of the best Juul Mango alternatives. Not overly sweet or candied, it has the deep and rich tropical mango flavors that adult vapers have grown to love.


Mint Sea Air


One of the best Juul Mint alternatives, Sea Air Mint delivers the perfect blend of menthol chill and sweetness. Closely mimicking the flavor of a peppermint hard candy on inhale, the cooling blast makes this an all-day vape.


Orange Soda Sea Air


The Sea Air Disposable is available in many of the classic flavors that adult nic salt vapers love but they have a weapon in their quiver that you won’t find anywhere else: Orange Soda. This is an outrageously delicious flavor. Expect to see more flavors inspired by carbonated beverages in the future. Much like Dewy Blow Stix and Fire Bull Blow Stix, there is a scintillating pop in each inhale and all of the familiar flavor tones you would expect in a refreshing orange soda.


Peach Ice Sea Air


The Sea Air does not lean as heavily on fruit ice vape flavors as many of its rivals. But the flavors that fall back on this tried and true formula really make it count. Peach Ice Sea Air is a nearly perfect iced fruit disposable, especially if the sweeter fruit notes are what you are looking for. The peach flavor is the dominant partner and oozes with the nectary and perfectly ripened peach flavor that so many adult vapers have embraced.


Pineapple Sea Air


Tropical pineapple is a proven formula in vaping. If you are looking for a sweeter fruit vape with distinct flavors, pineapple delivers. Pineapple Sea Air hits a bulls eye with their take on pineapple. It is bright and complex without overwhelming the taste buds.


Red Apple Sea Air


Like its stablemate Green Apple, Sea Air Red Apple is a strong take on one of the most familiar fruit flavors. But unlike the tarter and sour Green Apple, their Red Apple has a milder fruit flavor and with an icy finish. Chances are, you will enjoy both. But if you are looking for a balanced iced fruit vape that is never too sweet, Red Apple Sea Air is the logical choice.


Strawberry Watermelon


The Sea Air flavor lineup plays it straight for the most part. The bulk of disposables they offer are a single, cohesive and expertly executed flavor profile. But some flavors work better in tandem and this is the case with strawberry and watermelon. Watermelon is one of the most popular complimentary flavors in vaping, check out the countless Lush Ice disposables on the market for proof. And although both Watermelon and Strawberry can work well on their own, they are a real dynamic duo when combined. The airy notes of watermelon elevate the sweetness of the strawberry and adds additional sweetness to balance out the tart berry bite.


Sea Stix Disposable Vape



Sea Stix are a stick style disposable vape. About 4 inches in length and with a 280mAh battery, the primary feature of this design is outstanding flavor. And Sea Stix delivers, with a tremendous Lush Ice Sea Stix and a number of other outstanding fruit themed disposables. Sea Stix Lush Ice was one of our top picks in the comparison of the Best Lush Ice Disposables.


The Sea Stix Disposable holds 1.2ml of nic salt vape juice with a nic strength of 5 percent.


Sea Stix Flavors


Lush Ice Sea Stix


Lush Ice Sea Stix is a brilliant watermelon and menthol ejuice combo that is taking the vaping world by storm. There is a reason why every disposable vape seems to offer some form of Lush Ice, it simply works great as a nic salt. The ice cold chill of menthol brings out the best from a distinct yet subtle foundation of perfectly ripe watermelon. There is plenty of sweetness but it never overwhelms the minty exhale.


Blue Slushie Sea Stix


A classic flavor of summer, blue raspberry is meant to be enjoyed on ice. In the past, that was in the form of a slushie beverage but now you can enjoy a cool menthol infused blue raspberry vape. Blue Slushie Sea Stix does not overwhelm with sweetness on inhale.


Sweet Strawberry Sea Stix


Sweet Strawberry Sea Stix may sound like a simple formula but it has been right. But the simple strawberry has tons of flavor depth, and Sea Stix tapped into this fruity goodness with a vape juice formula that captures both the deliciousness of fresh strawberries and the delightful sweetness of strawberry candy. You will get plenty of vaping out of each Sea Stix Sweet Strawberry.


Passion Fruit Orange Guava Sea Stix


Passion Fruit Orange Guava Sea Stix is an authentic take on the classic and always refreshing tropical drink that is POG. The citrusy orange cuts through the sweetness of the passion fruit and guava, and makes for a disposable vape that can be enjoyed 24-7.


Fresh Mint Sea Stix


Fresh Mint Sea Stix is a cool and refreshing disposable. You don’t need to be a menthol fan to love this flavor. Sea Stix Mint tantalizes with almost herbal spearmint flavor notes. But on exhale you get a pure icy chill that will bring a smile to your face. Each Sea Stix disposable is good for a couple hundred puffs and contains 1.2ml of 5 percent strength nic salt.


Pina Colada Sea Stix


Pina Colada Sea Stix is a perfect blend of creamy and sweet. The coconut flavor blends smoothly with a mostly sweet, but slightly tart, pineapple. You can savor each puff, as Sea Stix disposables generate a nic tight pull and stunningly complex flavors. Pina Colada is a beverage vape with enough accurate pineapple flavor to fall into the fruit category as well.


Pink Lemonade Sea Stix


Pink Lemonade Sea Stix stands out in a lineup loaded with outstanding beverage flavored disposable vapes. There is plenty of sweetness in here, but the tart lemon essence is never muted or masked. Pink Lemonade makes a nearly ideal inspiration for a nic salt. There is a full spectrum of flavor profile here, and they work together to create a superb vape.


Pomegranate Lemonade Punch Sea Stix


The second Sea Stix lemonade disposable has more sweetness and tropical flavor thanks to the inclusion of a rich pomegranate ejuice. Pomegranate Lemonade Punch Sea Stix exemplifies the power of a great beverage vape. The complex flavors compete for taste bud real estate but work in unison to create a smooth and sweet vaping experience.


Posh Plus Disposable Vape



Until recently, there were three basic types of disposable. The classic cigalike, the disposable mini vape and the stick disposable. What they shared in common was a tight draw and compact flavor. The Posh Plus shattered this template. It is simply a more powerful device that is cleverly packaged so that it does not take up much more space.


The Posh Plus is a cylindrical device. Like a stick disposable, the ejuice is stored in a polyfill. But the polyfill in this case resembles a classic ego cartomizer. Stored within the polyfill is 2ml of nic salt vape juice with a nic strength.


The Posh Plus is not only a larger device, it is a more powerful one. It boasts a much larger battery than the stick and mini vape competition: 480mAh versus 280mAh. It generates more puffs and deeper ones. It is still a mouth to lung device but reinforces the sharp flavors you expect in disposable. But in the case of the Posh Plus, the flavor is backed up with a larger vape plume.


The typical 1.3 to 1.4ml found in a stick disposable and the 1 to 1.2ml that is found in mini vapes. Only the Sea Air, with 2.6ml, can compete on the size front. For more information on the Posh Plus, check out the comparison between the Posh versus Posh Plus versus Zaero. Here is a rundown of the Posh Plus flavor lineup.


Posh Plus Flavors


Frozen Mango Posh Plus


The flavor of tropical mango works in perfect concert with icy menthol. The big Posh Plus pulls the most out of this outstanding flavor combination.  If you are looking for the Best Juul Mango Alternative, the Posh Plus Frozen Mango is a great starting point. It has the ripe, never overly sweet, mango flavor that adult vapers love and a frigid blast of menthol that cools the throat.


Cream Brulee Posh Plus


Posh Plus makes perhaps the Best Juul Crème Alternative. It is a velveteen dream. Rich and smooth, Cream Brulee has the vanilla and custard richness that you expect. Caramelized sugar notes permeate each puff. Posh Plus Cream Brulee as a hint of throat hit on exhale but the inhale silken. The complexity of Posh Plus Cream Brulee fully duplicates the upscale French dessert which inspired it.


Menthol Ice Posh Plus


Are you looking for the Best Juul Mint Alternative? Introducing Posh Plus Menthol Ice. It has a pure menthol flavor, cold as can be. There is a hint of sweetness to keep it from morphing into an overwhelming menthol bomb. The Posh Plus is perfect for this style of flavor and the vapor production is exactly what you want from a disposable vape.


Minty Melon Posh Plus


A Lush Ice by any other name is just as icy and sweet. That is the lesson being taught by the Posh Plus Minty Melon disposable. A top contender for the title of Best Lush Ice Disposable, the Posh Plus watermelon and menthol blend flavors are exactly what Lush Ice fans have come to expect.


The regular Posh Lush Ice arrived on the scene first, hence the Minty Melon name, and Minty Melon lacks some of the subtle raspberry notes found in the Lush Ice Stig. But the crisp and fresh watermelon coupled with cooling menthol is here and seasoned nic salt vapers will love this flavor. If you were waiting for the popular Lush Ice flavor in a long-lasting Posh Plus disposable, your wait is over.


Fireball Posh Plus


Posh Plus Fireball is tastes like a cinnamon hard candy. But it is not too red hot to handle. The cinnamon candy flavor is tempered with an soothing glaze of cool mint. The results is a disposable vape that really captures the flavor of red hot candies flavor, The cinnamon a bit feisty, as expected, but has plenty of sweetness.


Cali Peach Posh Plus


The distinctive flavor of peach has always worked great as a vape. Peach flavors drip with sweetness and are quite authentic in their flavor. This distinctiveness helps peach vapes to stand out in the crowded field of fruit ejuices. Posh Plus Cali Peach is exceptionally good example of a well-executed peach nic salt.


Minty Berry Posh Plus


Posh Plus Minty Berry relies on the timeless classic mixed berry ejuice flavor, one of the most popular on the market, and freezes it in place with a blast of menthol. The combination is nearly hard to bear. The sweetness is tempered with tart berry never overwhelms icy finish.  


Pina Colada Posh Plus


Posh Plus Pina Colada combines sweet pineapple and creamy coconut to accurately replicate the flavor of a legendary tropical drink. The fruit notes are sophisticated rather than sugary. The pineapple notes are particularly strong and decisive. The unique and complimentary elements play off each other perfectly, just like in a real Pina Colada.


Frosted Apple Posh Plus


Posh Plus Frosted Apple may be inspired by the most wholesome of fruits but it has a frosty edge that adult vapers will adore. A sour apple base is a great starting point and nic salt smoothness works well with such a deep flavor. An edgy and icy menthol cools and adds a sharpness to the fruit dominated inhale. This is a perfect disposable for fruit lovers and fans of menthol vapes.


Frozen Strawberry Posh Plus


Posh Plus Frozen Strawberry enhances an already refreshing and delightful strawberry nic salt. The mint is mild in this one. The foundational flavor is closer fresh fruit than strawberry hard candy. The coolness of the exhale does not blot out the sweet and tarts flavors. Strawberry vapes are great on their own but Posh Plus Frozen Strawberry really benefits from the bold winter chill.


Tobacco Menthol Posh Plus


The big and robust Posh Plus is an ideal disposable for menthol smokers. Rather than a straight mint flavor, like the excellent Zaero Menthol, it also aspires to capture the essence of bold and rich tobacco. Posh Plus Tobacco Menthol is remarkably authentic and perfect for heavy smokers looking to make the switch to a disposable.




The big and robust Posh Plus changed the disposables game and the Sea Air takes it a step further. The end game is a disposable that can easily serve as a primary vape for multiple days, But the success of these bigger designs does not negate the flavor and effectiveness of the classic stick style disposable. The Sea Stix matches the Sea Air and Posh Plus stride for stride in flavor quality.


The quality of the competitors is close enough where most vapers will just gravitate to the flavor profiles they prefer. As these are disposables and do not last anywhere near as long as say a 30ml bottle of nic salt, it is well-worth checking out more than one style of disposable and the competing flavors in similar styles of device.


We recommend trying unique flavors as well, as Orange Soda Sea Air has an almost Pop Clouds level of, well pop.