Sea XXL Disposable Vape Review

Sea XXL Disposable

When reviewed the longest lasting disposable ecigs, there was one that stood above all of the others in capacity. In an ever escalating arms race of eliquid capacity and battery size, the Sea XXL overshadowed all of the competition. With an ejuice capacity of 8ml and an integrated 1300mAh battery, the Sea XXL manages to jam a ton of performance and nic salt into a package not that much larger than the competition.

Measuring about 4 inches in length with a diameter of a bit over half of an inch, it is a hair bigger than the Hyppe Max but holds 3 additional ml of eliquid (8ml versus 5ml). With a nic strength of 5 percent, it doesn’t have quite the kick of the 6 percent strength of a Posh disposable but hits the benchmark set by most other disposable vapes.

The reason Vapor4Life carries such a vast selection of disposable vapes is that there is quite a bit of overlap in the flavors offered. This way, if say mango is out of stock in your favorite disposable vape, you have a dozen or more comparable options to choose from.

Disposable Ecig Alternatives

The Sea XXL certainly has emphasized the flavor profiles most popular with adult nic salt vapers but also offers several unique flavors that are offered in few other disposable vapes. If you are looking for more flavor options or even better value than a Sea XXL, you may want to consider switching to a refillable vape pod kit and bottled nic salts.

Bottled nic salts come in a wide range of nic strengths and flavors. Master formulators at the most storied eliquid companies have concocted a wide range of flavor options but they also offer the menthol-ice and fruit combinations that disposable ecig fans love.

As far as replacing a disposable vape with a refillable vape pod kit, there are tons of options. These are higher technology solutions that are just as easy to use, provide greater flavor and are generally not much larger than even smaller disposable vapes. Many are autodraw, meaning all you have to do is inhale. No buttons to futz with. And filling vape pods is generally easy as well, as they are designed for ease of use. Vapor4Life has all the top refillable vape pod kits. The Smok Novo 2, Novo X and Uwell Caliburn G are all great options.

Sea XXL Flavors

Vanilla Ice Cream Sea XXL

The Sea XXL is available in flavors that extend far beyond the usual cast of menthol-fruit nic salts. The Vanilla Ice Cream XXL is a smooth dessert vape, with cream notes balancing out a sweet vanilla finish. Silky smooth, fans of Juul Cream and similar nic salts will love Sea XXL Vanilla Ice Cream.

Sweet Mint Sea XXL

The popularity of mint nic salts with adult vapers has been well established. They work particularly with disposable vapes. So why shouldn’t one of the longest lasting disposable vapes also have one of the best icy mint flavors. The Sweet Mint Sea XXL is a spearmint infused ice bomb. Sweet and delicious. You will appreciated there is 8ml of nic salt in this all-day vape.

Banana Ice Sea XXL

Banana Ice Sea XXL is a classic fruit and menthol ice combination, exactly the type of flavor that is taking the vaping world by storm. The banana notes are creamy and sweet, the icy topper is perfect on exhale but clarion clear on inhale as well.

Sour Lush Slice Sea XXL Vape

Sour Lush Sea XXL is a real palate pleaser. Sour, sweet and fruity, the cloud of icy mint is very mild but extremely satisfying. A bit more balanced than the typical lush ice disposable, it is hard not to love this watermelon infused flavor bomb.

Pineapple Slushie Sea XXL Vape

The Pineapple Slushie Sea XXL is based on a sweet and bright pineapple eliquid. It is vibrant and authentic. This flavor is drawn further out with cool blast of menthol. This balances the flavor, which means the sweetness never becomes overwhelming vape.