I actually enjoy the act of smoking a cigarette. It's every other aspect of cigarettes I do not like. The cost ($11 a pack in NYC!). That lingering smell on my clothing and hands. The cost. Cleaning ashtrays. The cost. I ended 2012 by joining a gym and signing up for the Spartan Race with one of my best friends. A little self-improvement never hurt anyone, right? WRONG! Join a gym and find out. Self improvement can hurt a lot. It leaves you sweaty and sore and paying $5 for a protein shake. The treadmill is not my friend. It judges me silently as I do the rest of my workout. Twenty plus years of tobacco use took its toll.  I remembered that I had a couple old V4L ecigs in the junk drawer from last year. I figured, why not try this again? I checked out the site again, and put in an order on some of the new items and flavors. I recharged a couple XL diamonds and found some of my old carts, and started trying to switch over. I've always been a gadget guy, and the mods and Dial-A-Volts play to that side of me. This whole tank system is a blast. I am actually having fun playing with all my new vaping toys. I think it would be fair to call it a hobby for me now. And a hobby that I can actually say is improving my life in many ways. I used to smoke two packs every day. On Jan 4, I smoked just five cigarettes. Within a week, I'd completely switched over to vaping. So far, so good. I am saving money, I still get the feeling of smoking, but I am feeling better. I have a little more wind in my sails. I am less wary of the treadmill (and my gym lets me vape inside!). TheBalwinStuntDouble is a guest blogger returning to ecigs after a one year hiatus. He is a former smoker of 20 years, averaging two packs every day. He is getting ready for his first Spartan Race.