Seven Stellar New Transistor E-Juice Flavors

Introducing Seven New Transistor Flavors

Transistor E-Juice has earned their reputation as master formulators. They burst into the crowded e-juice universe in 2015 and are widely lauded for crafting high-quality e-juices with tremendous flavor depth. Vapor4Life is proud to offer 7 new Transistor flavors: Bluetiful Disaster, LSD (Lemon Sugar Drop), TangoChillin, TangoMelon, Foster, Galactic Milk and Nazzo. We have included a full rundown and review of these outstanding new e-juices below. Visit our online store to purchase Transistor E-Juice. Vapor4life also carries Transistor's classic ejuices: Baby Clouds, Nectosphere, Hunnid K, Nectochill Boo, Lemon Cream Dream, Roswell, and Carango. Check out our review of #BabyClouds Nic Salt, which is just one of the Transistor nic salt juices we carry. Also available are Nectosphere Nic Salt, NectoChill Nic Salt, and Nazzo Nic Salt. You can expect us to add even more Transistor flavors in the coming months.

The Transistor Story

Transistor started as a side hustle for Shuk Yanni, crafting small batches of e-juice and delivering them to friends and customers.  Word of their rich and flavorful alien-themed e-juices soon spread from the Chicago Vape Nation Facebook page and into the vaping community at large. Local vape shops were soon pulsating with buzz about Transistor e-juices. With demand accelerating into interstellar overdrive, Transistor E-Liquid launched their professional e-juice lab in the Chicago suburbs. This has been the mothership for their award winning and highly sought after flavors ever since. The master formulators at Transistor continue to give every batch an extraordinary level of care and attention.  So with no further ado, here are the 7 new additions to the Transistor galaxy. These are all 70 VG/30 PG ratio juices. This provides the best of both worlds: rich flavors and creamy clouds.

Guide to Transistor’s New E-Juices

Bluetiful Disaster A triumphant blast of blue raspberry with deep berry flavor notes, Transistor’s Bluetiful Disaster is a victory for your taste buds. Packing a yummy-gummy essence and a sweet tart bite, the only disaster here is when you run out. If you are looking to sail on a smooth cloud of nostalgic blue raspberry flavor, this is the e-liquid for you. Bluetiful Disaster pulsates with flavors and is among my favorite flavors ever. LSD (Lemon Sugar Drop) When you hear about the mind-melting power of LSD, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Do you picture yourself in a boat on a river, with lemon drop trees and vapor cloud skies? Do you picture Transistor’s award winning Lemon Sugar Drop? The 2018 Best Candy & Best in Show award winner, LSD boldly captures the sweet and tart flavor of lemon drops. It is easy to see why this is one of the most beloved candy e-juices ever.  Tune in, turn on and vape out on Lemon Sugar Drop’s magical mystery flavor tour. TangoChillin The graceful, seductive Tango. A dance of love and passion. These same elements can be found in Transistor’s TangoChillin e-liquid. Bask in the candied confluence of sweet tangerine, summery watermelon and authentic mango with a smooth menthol chill. Dance with this star of the vaping world, you will never grow tired of its nimble balance and cool demeanor. Menthol lovers are in for a delightful treat. TangoMelon The name TangoMelon says all you need to know about Transistor’s award winning flavor. Tangerine, Mango, Watermelon. Period. Why isn’t this available as a juice drink? Mouth-watering tangerine provides a citrusy kick and a straight blast of mango gives TangoMelon a great depth of flavor. Add in the refreshing complexity of watermelon candy, and you have an e-juice that you just can’t get enough of. Foster Foster is Transistor’s gift to fans of dessert e-juices. Just like its Bananas Foster namesake, it kicks off with a caramelized banana flavor, and balances the sweetness with a rich, creamy body. Upon exhale, you will notice the rich rum flavor notes. Bananas, brown sugar, a light hint of cinnamon, a splash of rum and big dollop of ice cream make Foster an outrageously delicious vape. Fans of cream e-liquids will absolutely devour this decadent cloud of flavor. Galactic Milk Galactic Milk won the 2018 Award for Best Breakfast e-juice and it is easy to see why. Transistor really captured the flavor of a cereal bar and made into something that can be enjoyed morning, noon and night. It combines milky smooth icing, and juicy berries. This is a certified primo flavor. Galactic Milk is perfect for fans of creamy, smooth vape clouds that are backed by a jammy fruit punch. This has to be the most lavish, sumptuous cereal bar flavor ever. Kellogg’s should take notes. Nazzo Nazzo is a ruby red grapefruit e-juice that buzzes with vitality and flavor. There is plenty of cane sugar flavor riding on top of this energizing citrus wave. Not a bad way to start your morning, but Transistor made sure that this fresh squeezed breakfast staple has the taste complexity and staying power that discerning vapers will love all day.