shocking news girl I’m about to drop a serious bomb that millions of vapers have probably never thought of or experienced in real life. It turns out e-cigarettes might be related to an increase in successful attempts to kick tobacco cigarettes. I know it sounds crazy. I know that there are not millions of vapers out there who were able to switch from combustible cigarettes to e-cigs. There are no personal testimonies out there. I’ve never received an email from a customer thanking Vapor4Life for helping them smoke smarter. I mean, there’s all that reputable news about how e-cigarettes are as bad as cigarettes and probably even worse. And now we have scientists at the Mayo Clinic, and scientific data that suggests that e-cigarettes and vape products are a large part of the decline in smoking in England. But that’s just science. I mean, who really thinks the Mayo Clinic is a reputable source? Spoiler alert: I do.   The Mayo Clinic recently released real scientific data showing that “when cigarette smokers scheduled for elective surgery were offered free ENDS at the time of pre-anesthesia evaluation, a high proportion utilized them in the perioperative period, with an associated reduction in cigarette consumption.” What? Crazy? Apparently roughly 65 patients who smoked tried e-cigarettes before and after surgery, when smoking cigarettes can be even more dangerous than normal. More than half of them said they “would continue vaping.” Have you ever tried e-cigarettes and actually stopped smoking tobacco cigarettes? Has anybody ever in the whole world? Spoiler alert: quite possibly yes.     In England, they’re restricting e liquid, despite the fact that there are these recent surveys that attribute declining smoking rates to e-cigarettes. As Dr. Michael Siegel states, “One thing is now very clear. There is no basis for anti-vaping advocates to continue to claim that there is no evidence that e-cigarettes can be effective for smoking cessation. There is now strong evidence.” He’s even some kind of reputable professor. Hmm.   My mind is literally blown right now. You mean e-cigarettes could offer a smarter way to smoke? It’s so weird because when Vapor4Life founder Steve Smilin Milin told me he switched to e-cigs after 40 years of smoking five packs a day I thought, “No way, man.” And when I started vaping instead of smoking, I thought it was just a fluke.   If you have a story about how and why you switched to e-cigarettes please share it here. Millions of people and knowledgeable scientists can’t be right. Or can they? Email me at [email protected] to learn more, or use promo code 2FBADD and try our e-cigs for yourself.