Site Wide Cyber Monday Sale

Cyber Monday Savings at Vapor4Life

Thanksgiving is done and the holiday shopping season is in full swing. There is no better time to get great deals at Vapor4Life.  For Cyber Monday we are offering 20 percent off site wide, free domestic shipping on orders over $50 and free international shipping on orders over $250. We have the mods, pods, ecigs, e juices and vaping accessories that you need. And you can save on literally everything because this sale is site wide. And the best part about Cyber Monday is that you don't need to fight the lines or the weather. This is a perfect chance to stock up or to find great gifts for the vapers in your life.

History of Cyber Monday

The term "Cyber Monday" first appeared within the eCommerce community in 2005. In this short span of time,  Cyber Monday has become something of a tradition and it is no secret that millions take advantage of the opportunity to shop from the comfort of their own desk, office or cubicle. Even the proliferation of smart phones has not reduced the temptation to get paid while you shop.  This year, the projected sales on Cyber Monday will reach nearly $8 billion and Cyber Monday has overtaken Black Friday in total sales. It makes sense that Cyber Monday would eventually overtake Black Friday. Originally, it represented an effort by online retailers to get in on the holiday shopping bonanza but brick and mortar stores are now heavily represented on Cyber Monday. Not surprisingly, shopping on work computers and personal devices is not recommended by most IT professionals and managers and it turns out the issue is not as black and white as time theft versus work rate.  There is a balancing act of morale, the dangers of prohibiting something that was once allowed and cyber security breaches to consider.

Concerns About the Use of Work Devices to Shop

As reported by HR Dive, 65 percent of professionals plan to shop online at work despite concerns by IT professionals that this can lead to potential security breaches. Interestingly, 76 percent of IT professionals said there are no policies that prohibit Black Friday shopping and this is largely due to the human resources concerns about potential blow back from employees. Cyber Monday has become an enshrined tradition in not much more than a decade and the whole shopping from the cubicle or desk might be a part of the appeal. Only 40 percent of employees use monitored personal devices such as cellphones to shop for holiday sales but two thirds of professionals with use their work desktop to place orders. Whatever your shopping preference may be, the savings at Vapor4Life are here. So shop now and save!