Six New Puff Bar Plus Flavors

Puff Bar Plus

Puff Bar made their name with big time flavor and the original stick style Puff Bar has been superseded by a new generation of disposables. These longer lasting disposable vapes have superior longevity, flavor and vapor production when compared to stick style disposables like the original Puff Bar.

The Puff Plus is an excellent compromise between the giant disposables like the 8ml Sea XXL and the 1.3ml original disposable ecigs. The Puff Plus has an eliquid capacity of 3.2ml and the 550mAh battery has more than enough charge to extract every last puff.


The Puff Plus has essentially replaced the original Puff Bar and is a superior design. Like the first generation Puff Bar, it is available in a wide array of the bright and crisp fruit nic salt flavors that adult vapers prefer. And Puff continues to add ejuices, including the three new flavors reviewed here today.


Puff Bar Plus Flavors

The Puff Bar Plus flavor lineup is stacked with over a dozen flavors. They include staples like Cool Mint and a host menthol fruit nic salts. But there are also some creative flavors as well. We are going to take a look at these new Puff Bar Plus flavors here today.  

Lime Agave Puff Bar Plus

The Lime Agave Puff Plus melds a refreshing citrus lime flavor with hit of sweet, sugary agave nectar. Agave serves as a nectary enhancement, not too cloying and a great counterweight to a excellently executed lime nic salt. Lime is a great flavor for a smooth nic salt and expect to see this flavor profile increase in popularity as disposables become higher performance with greater flavor clarity.

Coco Melon Puff Bar Plus

Honeydew Melon is a reviled when found in a fruit salad and beloved when found in a nic salt. It is an interesting paradox. And the dank and rich notes of melon are greatly enhanced with a blast of sweet coconut. Coconut is a distinct and complementary flavor, bringing creaminess with its sweet blast. This is another great Puff Plus formula and well worth checking out.

Guava Ice Puff Bar Plus

The Guava Ice Puff Plus is bold an crisp flavor that takes full advantage of the high-performance Puff Bar Plus disposable ecig. If you are not familiar with Guava, it is a pleasant flavor that is almost universally palatable. Almost a cross between a pear and a strawberry, as a nic salt it was just asking for a blast of menthol ice to enhance its sweet edge. A bold tropical vape, fans of fruit-menthol nic salt disposables will love this flavor.

Aloe Grape Puff Bar Plus

Why aloe? On paper it seems like a flavor more suitable for Kleenex or burn treatments than a nic salt. But don’t be fooled. Aloe actually makes for a great additive flavor in a smooth nic salt disposable. It is cool and soothing on the throat without being minty. A great alternative to a pure menthol ice. The ripeness of aloe is reminiscent of the best honeydew melon nic salts. Combined with a vibrant grape, it elevates the whole experience and makes for a unique yet easily enjoyed all-day-vape.


Banana Ice Puff Bar Plus

Banana Ice is one of the hottest flavors in both disposable ecigs and nic salts. Sweet and creamy banana packs a distinctive and enjoyable punch. Even if you find artificial banana a bit overwhelming, the addition of menthol ice cuts through the sweetness and lends crucial balance. Puff Bar perfectly executed this Banana Ice flavor and it works perfectly in the cutting edge Puff Plus. 


Tangerine Ice Puff Bar Plus

If you are a fan of citrusy salt nic but the classic orange flavor is a bit too much, the Tangerine Ice Puff Bar Plus is a perfect disposable vape for you. Tangerine Ice has a bit of mandarin orange flavor but with tropical flavor notes that lend sweetness and complexity. And this superb flavor is delivered with perfect clarity by the superb Puff Plus disposable.