This is a guest post by Morandir835. Since Vapor4Life released the Smileomizer last week, I can finally give up some of the technical info I've sat on for  a while (since I got back from Chicago). The first thing you'll notice about these cartos  is the drip tip. It's a completely different  design, technically two parts, and only compatible with the Smileomizer. The first part is the metal base that screws on  the carto, the second is a high-grade  silicon cover that goes over it. In the end what you get is a true cigar-like experience from the drip tip. You can easily chew on it, yet it is rigid enough so that you can hold it in your mouth without issue. Currently, Smileomizers are available in one size - 3.5ml. They are single vertical coil rated for 2.5ohms, with the actual range being 2.4-2.6ohms (in other words - very tight quality control). There are a few reasons for using a single coil 2.5ohm carto. Single coil cartos  do not have the "diaper" that clogs dual coil cartos, so these new Smileomizers last longer. Plus, cartos with 2.5ohms provide the best balance of flavor and vapor production when it comes to single coil. They allow full use of voltage range on a Dial-A-Volt, and a USB passthrough  at 5v  (as long as you're using a 2 amp power supply). As for the lifespan on these cartos, they have far exceeded that of the tank cartos  in my testing. Using Wowboy VG, a juice notorious for being hard on cartos, I got 1 3/4 bottles of juice through it before vapor production and taste dropped off. Again with the lack of diaper around the coil, I have had very good results with cleaning them. The last part that needs to be touched up on is airflow. The mega cartos were known to have too airy of a draw on anything but EGOs. This is not the case with the Smileomizer. I would place its air restriction as a little tighter than WOW cartos, but looser than a CoolCart. The Smileomizer is very comparable to that of the tanks in all honesty. This story is complete, but have to wait a bit before I can go further into detail (trust me, the wait will be worth it).