As you know, we’ve been spicing things up a bit at Vapor4Life by stocking the newest mods, max-VG e-liquids and herbal vaporizers. We’ve been pretty pumped about that, but we’re even more pumped to announce that you can now buy the SMOKE Alien Mod at Vapor4Life. This mod has already sold out at many other vape stores. It’s crazy popular and now that we’ve tried it, we wanna tell you what we really dig about it. The Alien isn’t the only new thing to grace the shelves here at V4L. We’ve also got a line of new max-VG e-juice in from Slush E-Juice. Just as the name suggests, each of these flavors is like sipping from a super-sweet slushie. Warning: If you keep reading you will want to buy at least one of these products. SMOK Alien Mod
New Vape Products The Alien (Mod) has landed at V4L!"
SMOK or SMOKtech is known for coming out with badass mods on the regular. The SMOK Alien mod is perhaps one of the company’s most anticipated devices. At 220 watts, this mod is a beast that’s designed for more experienced or super advanced vapers who want more customizability. First off, it looks really $#[email protected] cool. The Alien has a large LED screen that displays everything you need: individual battery life, mode, voltage, temperature, resistance, amps and puffs. If it got anymore in-depth, it’d be able to tell your future. The design is sleek and ergonomic, despite taking two 18650 batteries. The SMOK Alien Mod also has a temperature control function that lets you further customize your hit. Here are some more cool things about the alien.
    • Compatible with tanks with resistance of .1 to 3 ohms
    • Compatible with nickel, titanium and stainless steel coils
    • 6 watts to 220 watts
  • Temperature range of 200℉ to 600℉
They’re going fast. Click here to get yours now. SLUSH Berry SLUSH Berry is a max-VG e-juice that combines the sweet ‘n tangy fruit flavors of blue raspberry and blueberry to recreate your favorite blue slushies. If you’re a fan of blue raspberry slushies, you won’t be able to put SLUSH Berry E-Juice down. SLUSH Cherry Cherry is my favorite flavor of slushie. All personal preferences aside, this is a delicious e-liquid that tastes just as good as its sippable frozen inspiration. It can be hard to find a cherry e-juice that tastes as sweet as a maraschino, but SLUSH Cherry hits the mark. Try it; you’ll dig it. SLUSH Lemon Lime The effervescent flavor of citrus joins forces with a rush of sweetness to bring you SLUSH Lemon Lime. Put this high-VG juice in your SMOK Alien for an intense onslaught of flavor. If you use SLUSH Lemon Lime E-Liquid with a dripper, you will find a new brand of bliss. SLUSH Straw-Melon SLUSH Straw-Melon ventures outside the typical slushie flavors with a lip-smacking blend of strawberry, watermelon and honeydew. There’s an exotic edge to this max-VG e-liquid that’s balanced with the traditional sweetness of home-grown strawberries. I highly recommend adding SLUSH Straw-Melon to your vape rotation. Buy these new products at Vapor4Life and stay on the lookout for more cool mods and juices. Comment with what you hope to see at Vapor4Life in the future!