Smok mag vs baby mag SMOK is a vaping company known for its innovation. The lineage of Smok Mods dates back to the early days of vaping. When the head of the industry turns to marvel at the latest and greatest vaping mods, odds are it’s turned in the direction of SMOK. But all that innovation comes with one small setback: option overload. SMOK devices are high quality vaping mods, but how do you know which of the devices is the perfect option for you? Do you want the SMOK Mag or the SMOK Mag Baby? Let’s compare and contrast the two.


The most obvious difference between the two mods is their size. It’s even evident in the names. The SMOK Mag Baby is primarily a smaller version of the SMOK Mag, making it more pocket friendly and ideal for travel. You may also prefer the smaller sized tank if you enjoy a variety of vape flavors and like to swap them out frequently. Here’s a side by side comparison of the most relevant size differences. Tank Capacity Mag: 8ml Mag Baby: 4.5ml Mod Dimensions Mag: 92mm x 65mm x 30mm Mag Baby: 61mm x 46mm x 27mm


Obviously there is a big difference in the power of the two different mods. The Mag can fire at up to 225W where the Mag Baby only gets up to 50W. Furthermore, even if you normally vape under 50W, the two external batteries on the SMOK Mag will keep you vaping longer than the smaller, built-in battery on the SMOK Mag Baby. Wattage Both the Mag and Mag Baby are regulated mods, offering adjustable wattage. Mag: 6-225W Mag Baby: 1-50W Battery Mag: Dual 18650 batteries Mag Baby: Built-in, rechargeable 1600mah battery


The two SMOK devices vary in their general design, as well. The Mag Baby sports a sleek .96 inch OLED screen and is overall more ergonomically designed. The Mag Baby is meant for comfort and ease of use. The SMOK Mag, admittedly, can feel a bit clunky. However, any device that sports that kind of power is going to have some bulk. It’s UI is much larger, which is always good. Though both devices are instantly recognizable by SMOK’s unique “gun-handle” design, the SMOK Mag also boasts a “trigger” and a patented locking mechanism. To go along with the gun gimmick,


The SMOK Mag Baby is going to run you less money than the larger SMOK Mag device, but not by as much as you might think. There is on average a $15-$20 difference between the SMOK Mag Baby kit and the SMOK Mag kit, however, the batteries are not included with the SMOK Mag and must be purchased separately. The Mag Kit and Mag Baby Kits are both available for purchase today at a low price at Vapor4Life.