Smok Mico Review

Refillable vape pods are at a crossroads. Do customers want higher performance vape pods that offer swappable coils and multiple power settings? Or do they prefer a small, hassle-free device, that doesn’t even offer the complication of a fire button? Something that can replace a prefilled vape pod kit and function in the same simple manner.


Manufacturers have solved this conundrum by hedging their bets and producing what would seem to be every derivation possible of the basic vape pod format. Smok has certainly gotten in on this action, and have created a veritable fleet of compact vape kits that are perfect for nicotine salt juice.


The most recent, and smallest addition to the family of Smok vape pods is the tiny Smok Mico. It breaks free from the Smok Nord coil devices that they have been turning out. But you will notice that it shares plenty of DNA with its larger siblings, and looks a bit like the Mi-One vape kit from a few years back. There are only so many ways you can position a battery in a compact, square device. Perhaps this resemblance was unintentional.



Smok Mico


The Smok Mico fits in the palm of your hand. It is a very small device. It is about 40 percent shorter than the already compact Smok Nord vape kit and Smok Trinity Alpha, 56.3mm versus 94 and 91mm respectively. Made out of zinc alloy, and available with several glossy, multi-color resin designs, it is an attractive device. Hewing closely to the current fashion trend, it comes with a practical lanyard.


The Mico is a practical square shape that is easily concealed, although the lurid color schemes undermine its stealthiness a bit. We recommend abiding by basic vaping etiquette. If a thorough canvassing and counter-surveillance protocol is initiated every time you vape, it may be time to find a vape friendly location.



The form factor of the Mico suggests a Smok Nord, reviewed here, folded in half. The resin colors are classic Smok too. But the Mico weighs substantially less, 65g versus 80g, and uses an entirely different coil.


Unlike the expanding family Smok Nord coil powered devices, the Mico does not allow you to swap the coil. It is a classic refillable vape pod system and the entire pod is pitched after use. The Smok Mico Kit comes with two types of pod. There is a 0.8ohm mesh, and the 1.0 regular coil. The Mico pod looks like a smaller Smok Nord pod, although functionally the pod is more like a Smok Novo because the coil is fixed in the pod.


The coils in the Mico are noticeably smaller than the Smok Nord coils. Upon closer examination, the coils in each Mico pod don’t appear appreciably smaller than those on the Nord, but this is clear not a device that has been optimized for throwing clouds and burning high-VG ejuice.


Filling the Mico with ejuice is similar to filling a Smok Nord. There is rubber door that has to be flipped open, using a finger nail or small accessory. The port itself is not as wide as the Nord, but the nose of a 120ml chubby gorilla bottle does fit.  



The Smok Mico pods are held in magnetically. It affixes firmly in place, with tight tolerances. The mouthpiece does not extend far beyond the boxy Mico, and it shouldn’t pop loose or snag on things.


Smok Mico Features


The pod holds 1.7ml of vape juice, which is respectable for a device this small. At 700mAh, the battery has moderate life for the category, but impressive life considering the size of the Mico. It should be more than sufficient for its primary purpose, vaping higher nicotine vape juice and nic salts.


The Mico has an “on-off” switch, there are no buttons on this device, but it does have an indicator light to keep you apprised of battery life. Red-Orange-Green is color convention that Smok went with.


Vaping the Smok Mico


The mouthpiece looks like a miniature version of the mouthpiece on the Smok Nord. Noticing a trend here? There is a window built in to monitor juice windows, and it thankfully lacks the dark and smokey tint of the Smok Trinity Alpha. This makes it a lot easier to avoid dry hits and burnt coils. For a review of the Trinity Alpha, check out how it fared head-to-head with its doppleganger: the Lost Vape Orion DNA Go versus Smok Trinity Alpha.


What is the Smok Mico like to vape? Surprisingly, it has a fairly loose draw. The regular coil is slightly tighter, but this little fella seems to be angling for the compact direct to lung market. I preferred the mesh coil, but mouth to lung vapers will probably appreciate the narrower diameter of the regular pod.


Smok Mico Alternatives


If you love Smok, but are looking for a tauter hit, consider the Smok Infinix. The Smok Nord and Trinity Alpha are also excellent alternatives. They have bigger coils, bigger batteries and in the case of the Trinity Alpha, you can select your own power level. It is worth noting that these Nord family are all currently button activated, not autodraw.


As far as recently released rivals, the Aspire AVP is certainly worth looking at. It is also an autodraw device but has multiple power levels and a stiffer draw.  Although not quite as small, the Aspire AVP is still easily held in the palm of your hand.



For a full run down of refillable pod systems, check out our feature on Top Ten Juul Alternatives.