Smok Morph vs. Smok Alien

Another Smok Mod?


It is time to take a close look at the Smok Morph kit, and answer a burning question: Does the world need another Smok mod? The specifications of the various Smok tanks and mods may appear similar on paper. At the upper end of the power curve they already have the Smok Mag 225w and Smok Alien 220w, not to mention the punchy Smok Pro Color 225 and sharp looking Smok A-Priv 225W.


Where does the Smok Morph fit in? As the new flagship, because it offers real world advantages over its predecessors.


The best part is that the Morph breathes life into the subohm category. The vaping industry has been dumping resources into developing vape pod systems lately, we reviewed some of the best in our feature on the Top Ten Juul Alternatives, but when it comes to vapor and flavor there is nothing like a mod.


Smok Morph 219


The Smok Morph is a 219w mod powered by two 18650 batteries. The brand spanking new and hardhitting TF tank, and a pair of 0.2ohm mesh coils. The kit includes the obligatory USB charger cable, replacement glass and various spare part.



Smok gets bonus points for the straightforward naming convention they chose for the TF tank. Honestly, it was time for a reset. I am fine with never hearing a tank described as being a baby or a big baby again. Did big describe the size of the baby? Or outward manifestations of infantile traits, such as: “You are being the biggest baby”.


I am the curmudgeon who orders “small, medium and large” sized coffees when ordering at Starbucks. I feel those words are excellent adjectives.


Smok TFV8 vs Smok TF


Not only is it unclear how you pronounce Smok, but their lineup of TFV8 tanks had also gotten a bit confusing. My primary complaint was that a product called the TFV8 v2 was not compatible with the coils of the TFV8.  


To shed some light on the differences between the TFV8 cousins, we pitted the TFV8 Big Baby versus the TFV8 Baby V2 in a TFV8 showdown. We chose the older TFV8 Big Baby and V2 Baby because of their shared 5ml juice capacity.


The upshot: the TFV8 V2 had a superior and modernized design, which was especially telling in the airflow department, but the original TFV8 had a superior coil selection. As far as juice capacity, the new TF tank has them both beat with a 6ml capacity. But how does the Morph tank perform?


Smok TF Tank


As coil sizes increase, it appears that the slab sided tank is quickly becoming a thing of the past. At least in the US market, where juice capacity is not limited to 2ml. Most tanks include some straight sided glass, but all the promotional images feature the bubble design.


When comparing the TF tank to its immediate predecessor, the TFV8 Baby V2, the first thing that sticks out is the height. They certainly share a familial resemblance, but the base of the TF been lengthened to improve airflow. And this on a design that was already pretty darn freewheeling and capable of generating serious cloudage.



Currently, there are two coil sets available for the TF tank. The 0.2ohm mesh coils, two included in the kit, and a 0.5ohm ceramic coil. The 0.2ohm coil is not as thirsty as you might imagine, and generates magnificent vapor and flavor. It is also a long last coiling, and the mesh allows you to take advantage of Morph’s outrageously fast ramp up speed: 0.001 seconds.


The ceramic coil is also an interesting choice. It should greatly increase longevity, and the fact it is offered at an affordable price point is a huge bonus.



The tip is 510, not a modified larger size like some Smok tanks, and easy to fill. Both the older TFV8 V2 and the TF have an excellent locking mechanism.



Smok Morph vs Smok Alien


We might as well address the elephant in the room now. The Smok Morph is not just a Smok Alien with a touch screen. The Alien was a groundbreaking mod and is still is the go-to device for many vapers. And there is no doubt a Smok Alien user will a few similarities between the mods, specifically the size and general appearance.


The front trim is the same shape and positioned in a similar manner, although that back inlay on the Morph is resin, rather than the carbon found on the Alien. Another difference is Morph can accommodate slightly larger tanks because they affix dead center, rather than being offset on the Alien. The Alien is a 220w device, and the Morph is listed at 219w.



The Alien and the Morph have nearly identical footprints. The Alien being 0.5mm taller and 1.6mm narrower than the 84.5x44.8x30.2mm Morph.  



Both mods have a bar fire button, run on 18650s and their peak output is nearly identical as well. Apart from the advantages of a touch screen interface, more on that later, the Morph has some features and benefits that aren’t immediately discernible but represent a major upgrade. The first are the child safety capabilities, a big deal in the midst of what has been framed as a teen vaping epidemic.


The Morph can be password protected and has a secondary fire key. This can prevent pocketfires and is just one part of the comprehensive safety suite included on the Morph. It also has short circuit protection, over heating protection, over discharge protection and a 10 second fire cutoff. The battery door has been improved on the Morph as well. It is now lockable, rather than pressure activated.



Underneath the hood is an improved IQ-S intelligent chipset. This capable chip has reduced the ramp up speed of the morph to a ludicrous 0.001 seconds. This is one reason why the secondary fire key is handy, because clicking 5 times to lock also kicks off 5 fires when the ramp up speed is this quick.


Naturally, the Morph has the full run of firmware and customizable options. But the screen itself provides plenty of options. There are the obligatory variable wattage, and temperature control modes. A much cooler feature is the MyMode. In this mode you can save 4 sets of parameters for individual ejuices and save the settings. Here is an image of the interface.



Smok Morph


The Smok Morph kit is well worth the investment, particularly if you have not upgraded your mod in a few years. The combination of a superior tank and improved mod technology make a real world difference when you vape.


In a world of vape pods, the Smok Morph is may seem like a heavy weight but it is surprisingly slim and compact. A more efficient chip should somewhat offset the additional battery drain from the touch screen display. I could not wait to snap one up, and it will probably be my daily driver for years to come.


Of course the Smok Morph 219W gives up one watt of power to the Smok Alien 220W. This reminds me of the late 1980s Mustang, a legendary pony car simply referred to as the "Five-Oh" (unless you were foolish enough to get one with the lamentable 4 cylinder). It was called the "five-oh" despite the fact the 302 cubic inch engine was actually 4.9 liters. "Four-Nine". Not nearly as catchy. Next time Smok, you may want to consider rounding up.