Smok Nord 2 versus Smok Nord

The Smok Nord and the Nord family of Smok coils have been hugely popular with vapers for well over a year. But 16 months is a long time in the vaping world. While bigger is no longer synonymous with better in an era where box mods are generally enjoyed by vaping hobbyists only, manufacturers are still seeking to load bigger batteries, increased output and a wider range of features into small packages. The Holy Grail being a compact device that has the flexibility to handle any ejuice or style of vaping and lasts all day. The Smok Nord 2 comes very close to checking all of these boxes.

Smok Nord

The original Smok Nord was a revelation because it was a vape pod with swappable coils. The 15w power output, while not all that impressive on paper, allowed the Nord to operate a number of coils including lower resistance designs that were suitable for thick, high-VG ejuices. While it would never be mistaken for a box mod, the Nord is a slick little device that could handle salts and all forms of regular ejuice.

The original Smok Nord looked a lot like the Smok Novo but used a fire button rather than autodraw. The huge range of Nord coils, most of which were critically acclaimed for their flavor and vapor production, allowed the Smok Nord to function like a Novo as well.

Where it diverged was the availability of subohm coils. While Smok Novo 2 equipped with a Smok Novo 2 Mesh Coil (1.0 ohm) is nearly unbeatable as a compact nic salt device, the Nord was ready for a wider range of ejuices.

The Smok Nord 2 takes this a step further as it comes with two pods. A Nord 2 pod that works with the classic Smok Nord coils and an RPM coil which is designed for RPM pods. We compared the Smok RPM40 and Smok Nord last year and the fact the amazing RPM coils are now available in a device no better than the original Smok Nord is great news for vapers.

Smok Nord Coils

While the original Nord’s 2ml vape itself was nothing to write home about, being relatively easy to fill but a bit leak-prone, the Nord coil selection was and remains industry leading. Each Smok Nord Vape Pod Kit comes with a 0.6ohm Mesh Coil and a 1.4ohm regular coil. Ostensibly designed for higher VG ejuices, the 0.6ohm Mesh Coil generates very good vapor and even better flavor. Vapers who enjoy lower nicotine nic salts often adapt it for their purposes, although generally vape manufacturers do not recommend using subohm coils with salt nic.

If you are interested in a longer lasting nic salt coil, there is a 1.4ohm ceramic Smok Nord coil and the 0.8ohm coil splits the difference between the 0.6ohm coils vapor production and the exceedingly restrictive draw that the pair of 1.4ohm coils feature.

Smok Nord Coil 5-Packs make it especially easy to make sure your device is always working optimally.

Smok Nord 2

The Smok Nord 2 is comprehensively superior to the original Smok Nord. It is the same size, has a larger battery, over twice the ejuice capacity, works with the same beloved Nord coils, is also compatible with RPM coils and has variable wattage. It also has more power and the redesigned pods are less prone to leaking.

The battery size has increased from 1100mAh to 1500mAh. Each pod now holds a massive 4.5ml of ejuice versus 2ml in the original Nord. The power curve has been flattened out and increased, with a range of 1w to 40w selectable on the 0.69 inch OLED screen. The original Nord operated between 10w and 15w.

Obvious performance refinements and upgrades aside, the biggest edge remains that the Smok Nord 2 kit comes with two pods. The Nord 2 pod is compatible with the entire lineup of Nord coils. The RPM pod, not surprisingly, is designed for use with RPM coil family.

Smok RPM40 versus Smok Nord 2

There is little to separate the outstanding Smok RPM40 and Smok Nord 2. Both have 1500mAh batteries and both are compatible with both Nord and RPM coils. Both come with RPM and Nord pods, as well as coils for each. It all comes down to personal preference. Both are outstanding choices if you are looking for a flexible all in one device. In our original comparison, the Smok Nord versus the Smok RPM 40, the RPM had a huge edge. But the Nord 2 is essentially identical under the hood and it all boils down to form factor.

Smok RPM Coils

The biggest advantage the Nord 2 has over the Nord is that it has the power and compatibility to use RPM coils. These coils are larger than Nord coils. The most popular RPM coil is the Smok RPM Mesh Coil (0.4ohm), which can turn your Nord 2 or RPM40 into a rough facsimile of a cloud chucking Smok mod. Even if it were compatible, the original Nord does not have the power to operate this coil.

But the RPM coils are not limited to subohm varieties. The 1.0ohm Smok RPM SC Coil is ideal for nic salts vapers who are looking a bit of added vapor production, a ton of vaper and consider an overly restrictive draw to be a bug rather than a feature.

There really is a coil for almost everyone in the Smok RPM family. The Smok RPM 0.3ohm MTL Coil generates dense flavor and solid vapor production.

Final Thoughts

Unless the $20 odd dollar price difference is pressure point, there is really no reason to select the Smok Nord over the Smok Nord 2. The newer model is more powerful, works with the same coils as the original, has a larger battery and is also compatible with Smok’s lineup of RPM coils. The Nord 2 has variable wattage and a touch screen as well.

Choosing between a Smok RPM40 and Smok Nord 2 is a bit more difficult because on paper they are entirely identical. If you are only interested in vaping nic salts, there is a case to be made for the Smok Novo 2. It is smaller and an autodraw device. In this case, it would simply boil down to coil preference.

If you prefer the 1.0ohm Smok Novo 2 pod or are not interested in swapping coils at all and prefer that the whole pod is replaced in the Novo 2, then the smaller Novo 2 probably deserves the nod.