Smok Novo 2 versus Smok Novo X

Smok Novo


The original Smok Novo was a breakthrough vape pod design, easy to fill and an autodraw device that required almost no user input. When the pod had reached the end of its life, you just threw it away and would snap in a new one.



While not as quite easy to use as a disposable vape or a prefilled pod, it was close enough and could save you a lot of money in the process. A typical bottle of nic salts runs fifteen dollars and holds 30ml of ejuice. A disposable will cost 7 to 10 dollars on average and most hold not much more than a single ml.



The original Smok Novo was not without weaknesses. Its maximum output was a mere 16 watts and the battery was only 450mAh. This lack of power was largely remedied by the Smok Novo 2. We compared these two devices in our deep-dive: Smok Novo versus Smok Novo 2.


Smok Novo 2



The biggest change with the Smok Novo 2 boasted an 800mAh battery, nearly twice the size of the original Novo, and its power was increased to 25w. This opened the door for a fantastic 1.0ohm Mesh Novo 2 pod, although the original Novo pods remained compatible with the Novo 2.



The Novo 2 was a nearly perfect Juul alternative. It is an autodraw device and all you need to do is fill it. It is compact, quiet and has a fantastic mouth to lung draw. The various pods provide distinguishable performance differences, so that even the pickiest vaper can find a perfect fit. Optimized for 50/50 VG/PG nic salt ejuices, the Smok Novo extracts every bit of flavor out of bottled ejuices and is incredibly easy to use.



Unfortunately, where the Novo and Novo 2 are cross compatible, the Novo X pods are physically larger and only compatible with the Smok Novo X device. Likewise, the Novo X pods won't work with a Smok Novo 2 or Novo vape pod kit. 


Smok Vape Pods


But as anyone who has vaped for any period of time knows, technology advances. The Novo 2 is certainly capable of outperforming any disposable vape on the market. But it faced fierce competition which offered swappable coils and wattage control.



The Novo X did not go full pod mod, there is no of swapping coils, but it has an OLED screen and a button which allows you to adjust power and access useful information.


If you are looking for more power, there are a host of Smok vape pod kits on the market that offer more wattage, swappable coils, the ability subohm vape and the capability to breeze through high-VG ejuices. Devices like the Smok RPM40, Smok RPM80, Smok Nord 2, Smok Fetch Pro and Smok Pozz X are just as comfortable with low-nicotine regular ejuice as they are with nic salts.


The flexibility is simply not present in the smaller, autodraw Novo family. The Novo’s lower resistance pods can technically handle lower nicotine, higher-VG fare but this is not what they are designed for. If you do not vape nic salts, you are probably better off checking out the similarly sized Smok Nord 2.



Check out our comparison of the Smok Nord versus the Smok Nord 2 for additional information.  If you have any additional questions, make sure you take a look at the Complete Guide to Smok Vape Pods and Coils.


Smok Novo X



The Novo X is not much bigger than the Novo 2 and has an identical 850mAh battery capacity. The maximum output is unchanged but the adjustable wattage gives you more control. 



Much like the Novo 2 was launched with a fantastic new pod design, the Novo X has a cutting edge vape pod. The Novo X DC 0.8ohm MTL dual coil design generates absolutely amazing flavor and strong vapor production. It operates between 12 and 25 watts.



As far as autodraw vape pod kits go, this is probably the best Juul alternative and disposable vape alternative to date. If you still prefer the convenience and hassle free experience of disposable vapes, check out our huge selection. We carry dozens of brands to make sure you can always find your flavor of choice.


Final Thoughts


The addition of the OLED screen is pretty slick but the Novo X is still provides only an incremental improvement on paper when compared to the Novo 2. But this is by design. As a mouth to lung vape pod kit, the Novo X does not benefit from added power or subohm coil options, apart from the 0.8ohm dual coil. Its job is to efficiently vape nic salts, providing great flavor and an authentic draw. The overwhelming majority of Novo X users will be sticking exclusively to higher nicotine levels and anything more powerful is just wasted space and excess power that is not required.

The new Novo X pod design is larger than the old Novo and Novo 2 setup. Smok took full advantage of this extra space to create an outstanding coil that is an upgrade, even over the outstanding 1.0ohm mesh from the previous generation Novo 2.