Smok Pozz X versus Smok Nord 2

Vape Pods

It would seem that we are reaching a golden age of refillable vape pod designs, as the competitors are being turned out on a seemingly weekly basis. But with the flavors that adults prefer no longer being permitted in prefilled vape pods, and their only rival disposable vapes, the refillable vape pod renaissance is in full swing.

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There is a refillable vape pod kit to meet the needs of almost every vaper. The autodraw Smok Novo 2, Baton V2 and Suorin Air Plus are essentially refillable and higher performing versions of the popular Juul and Vuse Alto devices. The difference is that since you can fill them yourself, you have access to a wide range of flavors. And if you live in a state without additional restrictions, this means that adults can still enjoy the bright and delightful flavors that the vast majority prefer.

At the other end of the spectrum are devices like the Lost Vape Orion Q Pro and Smok RPM80, which can deliver perfect hits of low-nicotine vapor like a box mod or serve as excellent conduits of mouth to lung nic salt ejuice vapor.

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Smok Vape Pods

Interestingly, competition is so hot that companies seem to almost cannibalize their own sales with multiple devices that seemingly serve the same purpose. With the autodraw Smok Novo 2 and might RPM80 bookending the lineup, they have an array of powerful vape pods that deliver 40watts of power and have a wide range of coil options. The Smok RPM 40, reviewed here in Smok RPM40 versus Smok RPM80, Smok Trinity Alpha and Fetch all check these boxes, working with RPM and Nord Coil and packing similar size batteries into a compact frame.

But Smok clearly thought they could further refine this basic design because there are two more devices button fired AIO vape pods with 40 watts of power in their line-up: the Smok Nord 2 and Smok Pozz X.

At first glance, there is not much to separate the Nord 2 and Pozz X. They have a similar appearance, although the screen placement is slightly different, with the Nord 2 squeezing the screen on the side and the Pozz X having a front and center placement. The Pozz X is also slightly wider, but basically it looks like a modified Nord 2. Are there more differences than meet the eye? Or do the differences only run skin deep.

Smok Pozz X

The Smok Pozz X is the latest AIO from Smok. Designed to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Smok Tech, hence the X, it is an attractive button fired, refillable vape pod kit. It has swappable coils and is compatible with the RPM coil family.

Compared to the Nord 2, the Pozz X has a slightly smaller battery at 1400mAh.

As far as size, there is not much to distinguish the Nord 2 from the Pozz X. The Pozz being slightly wider has a bigger screen.

Although both the Pozz X and Smok Nord 2 are compatible with RPM coils, the Pozz X is better suited for direct to lung vaping. Not only does its bigger battery allow for a longer life at higher wattage settings but it also has an adjustable airflow ring. Between the adjustable ring and enlarged intake channel, the Pozz X has greater airflow than the comparably sized Nord 2.

If you are interested exclusively in the RPM coil family and are looking for a device that can handle nic salts and throw clouds, the Smok Pozz X is better option than the Nord 2. But these devices are so similar that either is a great pick.

The Pozz 2 seems to handle the RPM coils with more aplomb and takes full advantage of their excellence.

Smok Nord 2

Fresh in our memories from its comparison test against the previous generation Smok Nord, the Smok Nord 2 is a compelling device and the total package. Check out our comparison test for more information: Smok Nord 2 versus Smok Nord.

The Nord 2 gives up a bit in battery life and in order to keep continuity with its predecessor, the screen is place on the side of battery in order to keep the same lines as the original Nord. But it does have one major edge over the Pozz X. The Smok Nord 2 is still compatible with Nord Coils. The Pozz X is the first Smok design in a while not to come with two pods that are each compatible with a separate coil family.

This is a big deal if you prefer the smaller Nord coils, which come in an astounding number of varieties, to the larger RPM designs. The legendary 0.6ohm Nord coil remains one of the most efficient and delicious ways to vape while the 1.4ohm quartz coil is a great way to vape nic salts and is every bit as restrictive as the coils you will find in smaller and less capable devices.


Basically your choice boils down to coil preference. If you have no interest in the Nord family of coils and are fine with only having access to the RPM coils, the Pozz X should be your choice. Keep in mind, the Nord 2 also does an excellent job with these coils but the Pozz X has a bigger battery and better airflow.

But if you are a long-standing fan of Nord coils, and there is a lot to love there and plenty of variations, the Smok Nord 2 is the smarter pick. It does not give away much, if anything, on the performance front to the Pozz X and has the flexibility to handle both Nord and RPM Coils.