Smok RPM40- Real Pod Mod or Super Nord?


When you fire up the Smok RPM40, the high resolution TFT screen greets you with a message: “The Real Pod Mod!” In case there was any question what RPM stands for, there is your answer. Unlike previous Smok Vape Pod Kits, the RPM40 wants to be all things to all people.



Smok RPM 40 Specs


The Smok RPM designed to give vapers the best of both worlds. It is a compact device with easy to fill pods that is fully capable of handling nic salts and vape pod duties. With a maximum output of 40w, variable wattage controls, and multiple screen color options, the RPM40 can also serve as an alternative to your favorite vape mod.


The Smok RPM40 is a cuboid rectangle and is a bit under 4 inches in length and less than an inch wide and deep. It weighs just 3 and a half ounces. The RPM40 is powered by a 1500mAH battery and uses Smok’s new IQ-R chip, which shortens the firing time to 1 thousandth of a second and the charging time to less than 2 hours.



The Smok RPM 40 comes with two pods. A Nord pod that is backwards compatible with Smok Nord coils, and an RPM pod, which takes advantage Smok’s newest generation of coils. Smok color coded the coils and pods for ease of use. Red banded RPM coils go with the red stoppered RPM pod. In the case of the Nord Pod, the color scheme is Black with black.



Smok Super Nord


Depending on what pod you have snapped in place, the RPM has two distinct personalities. It can function as a “Super Nord”, with the same coil choices, less leaking, greater battery life and a much larger juice capacity than the original Smok Nord.


You can use any of your favorite Nord coils in the RPM40, and the RPM40 is quite comfortable in its Super Nord guise.  The RPM40 kit comes with the successful Nord 0.6 OHM dual, which we received rave reviews in both our Smok Nord review and Smok Novo vs. Smok Nord comparison.



Smok RPM Coils


If you have a favorite Nord coil, this is a great way to enjoy the RPM40. But then you miss out on the excellent new family of RPM coils.



With 40 watts of power and a ton of coils to choose from, the Smok RPM40 delivers pretty serious performance in a small package. On my recent Labor Day vacation, I used the RPM40 in place of both my box mod and my vape pod. For high VG, low nic juices, I used the RPM pod with the 0.4ohm coil that comes with the kit. When discrete vaping was required, I popped in the Nord pod with the optional 1.4ohm quartz coil.


Depending on the pod installed, the RPM40 has an ejuice capacity of either 4.3 and 4.5ml. When used with nic salts, you can turn the wattage down to low double digits and easily extract a couple of days of vaping out it between fills and charges.


No one is going to mistake the RPM40 for the Smok TFV16 tank, but cloud production was excellent with the preinstalled 0.4ohm mesh coil. It is a viable alternative for subohm vapers, heating fast and delivering excellent flavor. Running at 30w, the 0.4ohm coil is not a total battery pig either.


But the new RPM pod is not only made for throwing clouds. The RPM coil line has a full range of coil options. Also available for the RPM pod is a 0.6ohm triple coil that blends efficiency, flavor and vapor production. The RPM Quartz 1.2 ohm coil is a pure flavor machine. Working at 12w, it is ideal for efficient nic salt vaping.


Whether the 1.2ohm RPM quartz coil is an upgrade over the Nord 1.4ohm quartz coil comes down to personal preference. But it is an impressive and robust mouth to lung coil. The RPM pod has a second MTL option which is a single coil design with 1 ohm resistance


Why Buy a Smok RPM40?


If you are a box mod user looking to simplify and downsize, the 40w power, variable wattage and coil selection make the RPM40 a great option. Fans of the Nord will love the RPM40 as a technological upgrade with familiar and compatible coils.


But it is the new family of RPM coils that make the Smok RPM40 so outstanding. They deliver even better flavor than their Nord predecessors and take full advantage of the iQ-R chip and wide power band.


Nic Salt users looking for longer battery life, better wattage controls and the features of box mod should seriously consider the RPM40. Ratchet the power down to 12w and enjoy flavorful tight draws from the new 1.2 ohm RPM quartz coil.


Box Mod users can finally enjoy real subohm, cloud chucking vaping from a convenient and compact vape pod kit. Between the new RPM and legacy Nord coils, you will find a setup that is perfect for your vaping style.



If you are looking for something a bit more simple than the Smok RPM 40, you may want to check out the new Smok Novo 2. This recently launched follow up to the successful Smok Novo delivers button free vaping and efficient mouth to lung action. Read our Smok Novo vs. Smok Novo 2 comparison here.