Complete Review of the Smok SLM

Smok SLM

The Smok SLM is proves the adage that what was old is new again. The smallest of the Smok vape pods, its form and function recalls the original disposable e-cigs and cig-a-likes that kicked off the vaping revolution. Like the original cig-a-likes, the SLM has no fire button and is instead air activated. Unlike the first cig-a-likes, and the current crop of prefilled pod kits like Juul, you can choose your own juice adventure from a vast universe of nic salt e-juice flavors. The SLM may be small but it has a big claim to fame: one of the tightest and most satisfying draws of any device. At 4.4 inches in length and less than a half inch wide, the SLM is quit slender. It is not much wider than a pen. Compared to a Juul, it is about a half inch longer and a bit narrower. If you want to vape on the sly, the SLM can be as shady as any device with its miniscule size, near silent operation and lack of a display. Just keep the rules of basic vaping etiquette in mind before tapping into the SLM’s stealth capabilities. The SLM does have a bit more heft than a Juul, but it compares favorably to other refillable vape pod kits. Sturdy materials and outstanding build tolerances are evident on the SLM. It would fit perfectly in a pocket protector next to your collection of high quality pens. The Smok SLM has a nice shiny sheen to it and is available in red, blue, black and silver. SLM’s weight is kept to a minimum, about 5 ounces, by its 250 mAh battery. It probably does not have the longevity to be used non-stop in a social setting without a charge. It is perfectly suited for quick nic fixes, as a backup device or for discrete break time vaping. It charges quickly with its micro-USB cord and is well suited for desk duty.

Optimized For Nic Salts

The SLM was designed from the ground up for potent nic salt e-juices. These more potent juices are largely responsible for the resurgence of mouth to lung vaping. They deliver a level of nicotine unheard of in classic e-juices. This has changed the industry and driven the popularity of efficient, tight drawing devices like the SLM. The SLM’s pod tank has a juice capacity of 0.8 ml. It sips juice economically, with a 1.8 ohm resistance coil. The coil has large wicking ports and is built to last. The Tightest Draw? Appearance and practicality are of secondary importance. What matters is performance and the SLM delivers. The draw is incredibly tight and responsive, even for a pod system. But with 10 to 16 watts of power, it does not feel underpowered or unsatisfying. The pod is semi-transparent so you can track juice levels easily. The fill port is a snug and well designed. Rather than a round rubber plug, the soft rubberized cap swivels open and it has no problem accepting a needle nose bottle. The LED battery light indicator is located on the front and quite small, making it easy to cover if you are engaged in covert vape ops in a darkened environment.

Smok SLM Is a Great Value

Any fan of nic salts should seriously consider adding a Smok SLM to their collection. At only $19.99, it has a comparable price point to disposable pod systems. It is durable and small enough to be toted anywhere. For mouth to lung vaping, it provides premium performance and an amazing draw.