Smok TFV16 Review

The Smok TFV16 is a large vape tank with massive coils, ideal for high wattage subohm vaping. With near competition level power and capable of giving RDA’s a run for their money, this beast of a tank has been dubbed “The King” by Smok, but is it worthy of the crown? Or is it a pretender to the throne.

Get your 120ml bottle of vape juice ready. A very thirsty tank has just sidled up to the ejuice bar.

Smok TFV 16 Appearance

When holding the Smok TFV 16 tank, it feels like it was engineered from a single block of stainless steel. No matter what mod you hook the TFV16 up to, it will never be mistaken for a refillable vape pod. In fact, this tank weighs more than almost any pod device on the market.

The Smok TFV16 just feels high quality, the feedback it gives when opening the cap or untwisting the glass is extremely satisfying. This is because the tolerances and fit and finish are great. There were no machining marks or scuffs anywhere on my tester. The TFV16 bears a family resemblance to other members of the Smok vape tank family, especially the new and smaller Smok TF. But it is larger, much larger.

With a 9ml juice capacity, you may conclude that this is a comically large subtank. But compared to its immediate predecessor the TFV12 Prince the TFV16 is actually shorter, a bit wider and weighs only 3.5g more. It is big, make no mistake, but it is not beyond the bounds of practicality when compared to predecessors like the Cloud Beast and of course previous TFV tanks.

Smok TFV16 Air Flow Improvements

The Smok TFV16 delivers huge upgrades in vape juice capacity, an increase of 50 percent, and features new family of hard-hitting coils. The Smok TFV16 has a raised base design that provides optimal airflow- a design innovation also found in the smaller TF tank. Not only does this design produce larger and flavorful vape clouds, but the airflow can be completely closed-forming a near seal if you are interested in warmer hits.

Smok TFV 16 Coils

Incremental improvements don’t matter much if the coils are hot garbage. And it is in the area of coils that the TFV16 really shines. The wider base and bubble glass design gave their engineers plenty to work worth, and they created a lineup of massive, long lasting coils that can generate a preposterous amount of vapor.

All of the TFV16 coils use a nichrome mesh honeycomb that provides outstanding ramp up speed and coverage.

There are 3 coils available, 0.17ohm mesh coil provides excellent flavor and is firing on all cylinders at 120w. A simply massive 0.17ohm dual mesh coil that operates at up to 160w and optional triple mesh coil with a resistance of .15ohms. It works best at 90w.

Even a 9ml won’t last forever with this sort of power, but the TFV16 is really easy to fill. An enormous single juice port and is accessed with the push of a button.

When using a TFV16 coil for the first time, make sure you give it plenty of time to wick. There is a ton of cotton stuffed into each coil. The volume of cotton is a huge plus when it comes to coil life. You should be able to get plenty of vaping enjoyment out of each coil.

The TFV16 is available at Vapor4Life. If you are a vaping enthusiast looking for the biggest and best tank, you have found it. The TFV16 has plenty of flexibility with the 3 coils available, but the reason this thing exists is to generate fog, and lots of it. And the TFV16 delivers.

Smok TF vs Smok TFV16

I love subohm vaping. I've been using a TF tank for a few months and been covetously eyeing a couple samples of the TFV16 floating around the office. Plugging it onto my Voopoo Drag 2, there is little to no overhand at the base, although obviously the bubble glass extends wider than the mod.

The drip tip must seem like a chimney to prefilled pod users, but it delivers a level of flavor and cloudage that can't be matched outside the world of UWell Valyrian tanks and RDAs. A lot has changed in the tank world since we compared the Crown IV and Valyrian.

On paper, the TFV16 does not sound much bigger than a standard its close cousin the Smok TF tank. It is just 8mm longer and 2mm wider. The weight difference, 94g versus 75g gives you a better impression of the scale of the size difference.

And the coils of the TFV16 absolutely dwarf the TF's. At a glance, they look almost as big as the whole tank section of the TF, although this is not the case in reality. Here is a police lineup of the my Smok tank collection. That is not a Nord coil next to the TFV16 coil, but a full sized TF plug n' puff.

As far as vapor production. This thing is ridiculous. It is easy to cloud a room with stratocumulus clouds. And the coil life has been ridiculous so far. I am still on my first coil after 3 weeks. So all that extra cotton is not going to waste, but providing a longer lasting vaping experience.

The idea of a 9ml tank may seem ridiculous at first, but many vape pods hold 2 or more of nic salt vape juice. The TFV16 might very well need a 9ml, when you consider the amount of ejuice it is capable of consuming.