The Great Smoker Migration By Steve “Smilin” Milin I have been vaping almost as long as I was a non-smoker. Smoking has dominated my life. Fed my addictive nature. And ruined my health.  I couldn't quit.  But I did find a smarter way to smoke. All smokers have a love/hate relationship with smoking. It fed our needs, and even offered comfort when we needed it. But smoking also ostracized us from society, made us sick, and even led to fatal diseases that infected our family and friends. At times we felt trapped by smoking. With no way out. We wanted a smarter way to smoke. And then we found that smarter way to smoke when we saw e-cigs. And when you first saw vapor coming out of what was a clunky device, you felt that little spark of hope that maybe this was finally your way out of your never-ending addictive relationship with cigarettes. When you took your first digital puff, you were probably as disappointed as I was. It was smarter. Just wasn’t satisfying yet. These devices had a lack of power, weak throat hit, and poor flavor. But you saw potential. And you stayed with it. You were the pioneers of what has become what we all know to be a product that will change lives and upend a tobacco industry that until not long ago held too much power over us. And while you might not have dedicated your life to turning smokers to vapors like I have with Vapor4Life, your passion for vaping has been a powerful tool in what I like to call the Great Smoking Migration. As pilgrims of the Great Smoking Migration, you were the first people to try to cross the great divide between smoking and vaping. You have found the promise land, and when you get there and look back at where you came from – you see what no one else can see – that after nearly four hundred smoking is dying. Smoking is not dying because the government or some other goody good organization has told you it was bad for you. It is not dying because they made they finally made the warning labels so big that you finally caught on the negative side effects of smoking. Nor is it going to its death because it has been demonized to the point where anyone brave enough to smoke in public (even at a designated smoking area) is looked upon as a murderer if their second-hand smoke floats anywhere near anyone else. Smoking is dying, not because of e-cigarettes. Smoking is dying because you made the long journey to a place where you don’t need smoking. And all it takes to finally finish off smoking is to help convince others that they should make the journey. And think of what is available to you as a tool that was not available when you started vaping. With new technology, more realistic throat hit, and simpler and more powerful devices it will become easier for us as vapor missionaries to help traditional smokers migrate to vapor. Vapor offers something else that other tobacco less products can’t provide – the same ritualistic, repetitive motion that only inhaling can offer. But let’s not fool ourselves. Smoking will not go quietly to the grave. Those who have made millions feeding our addictions will not let it go so quietly. We will continue to have to fight for vapor. But we have already done the hard work. We have already made the migration from Smoking to Vapor. We have seen the light. Now all we have to do is open the eyes of others to the smarter way to smoke. Vape On! Steve   Steve “Smilin” Milin is the Founder of Vapor4Life and WOWVapor. For more information please visit or