Solace Nic Salt ELiquid Review

Solace Vapor

Based in Southern California, Solace Vapor has a great selection of eliquids for all styles of vaping. They were initially known for high-VG ejuices optimized for high-wattage, subohm devices.  The most recent addition to the Solace Vapor family is an impressive group of smooth nic salts.

Designed for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, Solace Salts should not be used in subohm tank or similar high-powered device. They are best enjoyed in a refillable vape pod kit.

For the millions of vapers who live in states with a flavor ban, Solace Vapor has a pair of excellent tobacco flavors.  These are two of the best tobacco nic salts.

Solace Salts are great alternative for disposable vape users. They come in the same bright flavor profiles as a nic salt disposable vape but are far more cost effective. Vapor4Life carries a huge selection of nic salt eliquid flavors so you can find exactly what you are looking for every time, and great alternatives if your favorite flavor happens to out of stock.

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Solace Nic Salt Flavors

Solace Nic Salts
New Name Flavor Profile
Banana Dragonberry Banana, Strawberry, Dragonfruit
Blue Raspberry Lemonade Ice Blue Razz, Raspberry, Lemonade, Ice
Berry Bash  Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry
Bold Tobacco Rich Cigarette Tobacco
Cool Tobacco Menthol Tobacco
Lemon Lime Fusion Lemon, Lime, Pop
Seedless Watermelon Sweet Watermelon
Tropic Strawberry Strawberry, Mango, Pineapple, Tropical Fruit
Strawberry Kiwi Ice Strawberry, Kiwi, Ice

Solace Nic Salts are available in two nic strengths: 3.6 and 4.8 percent (36mg/ml and 48mg/ml). Like virtually every nic salt, they come in a 30ml bottle. There are two tobacco and seven fruit nic salt flavors. Of the seven fruit flavors, two are infused with menthol ice and Lemon Lime fusion also has cooling notes, if not the full menthol experience. Here is our complete overview of Solace nic salt flavors.

Banana Dragonberry Solace Nic Salts

Banana Dragonberry Solace Nic Salt

The creamy and sweet flavors of banana and a complex blast of tropical fruit are the defining traits of the Banana Dragonberry Solace Nic Salt. This is a finely balanced and refreshing fruit medley.

Blue Raspberry Lemonade Ice Solace Nic Salts

Blue Raspberry Lemonade Ice Solace

Blue Raspberry, also known as Blue Razz, and Lemonade are generally nic salt flavors that can stand on their own. But Solace Vapor created a nearly perfect blend of this eliquid flavor heavyweights and then merged them into a perfectly harmonious all-day vape with a blast of menthol ice. Lemonade adds complexity, refreshing flavors and depth. Blue raspberry brings euphoric sweetness and the menthol exhale adds balance. Blue Raspberry Lemonade Ice Solace Nic Salt may be a mouthful to say, but adult vapers will love the bright flavors this nic salt eliquid brings.

Berry Bash Solace Nic Salts

Berry Bash Ad

Berry Bash Solace Nic Salt is among the best Vuse Alto Mixed Berry alternatives. In each puff you will enjoy bold tones of blueberry, strawberry and raspberry. This is a berry medley and a fabulous nic salt eliquid. 

Bold Tobacco Solace Nic Salts

Smooth nic salts may not have the throat burn and chest hit of an authentic high-PG eliquid but they can still deliver amazingly authentic tobacco flavor. Bold Tobacco Solace Nic Salt Eliquid tastes remarkably similar to a full-flavored cigarette but with a smooth nic salt throat hit. If you are an adult vaper who lives in an area with a flavor ban, a fan of tobacco prefilled vape pods and looking to save money or a current smoker, Bold Tobacco by Solace Nic Salts is a great option.

Cool Tobacco Solace Nic Salts

Cool Tobacco Solace Nic Salts perfectly balance rich tobacco and icy menthol flavors to create a smooth yet authentic vaping experience.  Cool Tobacco Solace Nic Salts are a great alternative to Juul, MyBlu and Vuse Alto menthol prefilled vape pods.

Lemon Lime Fusion Solace Nic Salts

A classic clear pop flavor, lemon and lime just work together. That is a fact. Lemon Lime Fusion Solace Nic Salt takes full advantage of the citrus synergy to create a compelling vaping experience. The tartness of lemon and the slightly sweet lime are well-paired in this all-day vape.

Seedless Watermelon Solace Nic Salts

In theory, seedless watermelons have been bred to have more flavor and sweetness that their seed laden cousins. This is also the case with Seedless Watermelon Solace Nic Salts. It is plenty realistic and authentic but has an extra refreshing exhale when compared to its many competitors.

Strawberry Kiwi Ice Solace Nic Salts

strawberry kiwi ice nic salt

Strawberry Kiwi first gained attention as a flavor combination in delicious beverage sold in cool glass bottles. But this flavor certainly didn’t have the icy snap of Strawberry Kiwi Ice from Solace Vapor. The tartness of the distinctively strawberry base is spotlighted with a bright blast of kiwi. It avoids becoming too saccharine or cloying with a hearty dose of menthol ice.

Tropic Strawberry Solace Nic Salts

Tropic Strawberry Solace Nic Salt Ad

The name Tropic Strawberry Solace Nic Salt is a bit misleading. While strawberry serves as the foundation, there are also flavoDSrful and balanced notes of pineapple, mangoes and other tropical fruits. Never too saccharine or cloying, the tropical fruit elements add great depth to bright strawberry exhale. Solace Nic Salts are a 50/50 VG/PG eliquid. They are sold in 30ml bottles and come in 3.6 and 4.8 percent nic strength. This is perfect for mouth-to-lung vaping in a refillable vape pod kit but not suitable for subohm vaping.