Bars? No. Clubs? No. Blue Angel Diner? Also no. That's how I felt when the smoking bans went into effect. At the time I was in the peak of my smoking career and now I had to watch where I smoke? Fine. I'll be complacent but what I hated the most wasn't the glares, or the signs, the measurements of 15 or 20 feet. No. It was sports. I am a huge Chicago Cubs and Chicago [Da] Bears fan. I have always loved these teams even though they have disappointed plenty of times in the past. That's sports, right? But my gripe came with these smoking bans and how they were implemented in sports stadiums and arenas. Wrigley Field is a second home to me. I love that place even though it's really old. The magic of baseball adds even more love to that field. When the smoking bans came, my beloved "game day" cigarettes had to go. I used to smoke at games all the time, not in the stands but off to the side  (still in the stadium). My first game after the bans had been put into place I remember watching the Cubs play a laughable game. I was infuriated. Terrible base running, bad pitching, and we were getting killed. When I smoked I used to just step to the side out from the stands and into this area of Wrigley where you'd walk a spiral to the upper deck. We weren't supposed to but everyone did it. I was caught immediately after lighting up. I was told about the smoking bans and directed to a smoking area. Instantly I was pleased. "Thanks, Wrigley, you guys still take care of us" I thought. But I soon found out that this smoking oasis was a mirage. "Smoking permitted on patio. Must be 21 or older to enter." Well, I was 19. I muttered some unpleasant words. I went back to my seat only to see the Cubs were down another run. "Great". After the game I immediately lit up. *flick*. "Hey not everyone wants to smell that bro!" I look over and some guy is waving at me, so I just toss it. When I returned a few years later, I was a full-time vaper. It was a new season. I had a new girlfriend (the love of my life by the way) and I was just loving life. We were winning and I got the urge to vape. So I pulled out my Vapor Titan batt and vaped away. Of course, a Cubs official came over to me and I simply explained that I was using an e-cigarette and how it worked (luckily it was the middle of the inning so I didn't even miss any baseball!). I gave him some Vapor4Life "This is not a cigarette." cards and another fan even commented on the smell, "is that blueberry?" If there is one thing I appreciate about vaping is that it lets me live my life how I want without having to be at the will of others.