why use ecigs   With the advent of electronic cigarettes, millions of people all over the world and at least 2.5 million in the U.S. are realizing that they have more options than just tobacco. However, they may not have caught on with everyone just yet, and some have not started their New Year's resolution to quit smoking... yet. Other people wonder why they should use eCigs at all, especially if they're already smoking tobacco cigarettes. However, eCigs, also called vapor cigarettes, are quickly becoming the most popular smoking cessation product of all time.   So why use eCigs or more advanced rechargeable vaporizers this New Year? Here are three of the top reasons why many people make the switch to vaping:   1. To quit smoking: At this point, just about everyone knows how dangerous cigarettes are. They contain multiple cancer-causing ingredients (or carcinogens) and substances like tar, and all of those hazards go directly to the lungs when smoking. Add in the fact that cigarette prices go up by the day, and the reasons to quit are more numerous than to keep using them. Electronic cigarettes and similar devices, however, don't contain the same harmful ingredients that "analog" cigarettes do, and most only require refills of e liquid or vapor cartridges to continue using.   2. To break the nicotine addiction: Did you know that many eCig brands are available without nicotine in the e liquid? Not only can you choose between nicotine or none, but many e liquids used in vaping can be ordered with varying concentrations of this substance, too. This can help smokers break their nicotine habits gradually or all at once without losing the sensation of smoking, too.   3. To add some variety to one's life: Longtime tobacco users know that they're fairly limited when it comes to flavor. Disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarettes, however, both come in a variety of flavors that go beyond tobacco and menthol. From fruit and chocolate to coffee and breakfast foods, there is sure to be something for everyone who begins vaping this New Year.   If you are still wondering "Why use eCigs?" or "How can I start vaping?", be sure to do more research before you get started. This way you will not only know what to expect when you begin vaping but you'll also have an idea of which products are available to help you. Have more questions? Leave a comment below.