how-to-steep-e-liquid Connoisseurs of fine wine are well aware that good things come with age, but what about connoisseurs of fine e-liquids? This leads lots of vapers to wonder, “Should I steep my e-juice?” More importantly, “How do I steep e-liquid?” There’s a decent chance you’ve made it through your whole illustrious vape career without ever steeping an e-juice. It is pretty hard to get a bottle of vape juice in the mail and then wait to vape it once you’ve gotten your hands on it. We take a look at the idea of steeping e-liquid to enhance flavor and give you a play by play of how to steep e-liquid.   Benefits of Steeping E-Juice benefits-of-steeping-eliquid The reasons behind steeping e-liquid are not dissimilar from that of steeping tea. The objective is simply to perfect the flavor. E-juices that have been steeped have often had time to breathe, which allows some of the more harsh parts of the flavor to subside. Steeped e-liquid also gives the vegetable glycerin more time to fully absorb the flavors of an e-juice.  These reactions would naturally occur over time as you vape a juice, but steeping works as a shortcut to help you harness the best flavor of the e-liquid just as the company that made it intended.   How To Steep E-Liquid how-to-steep-ejuice Steeping E-Liquid involves a few simple steps. First, find a cool dark place to store your e-liquid as sunlight and heat can have detrimental effects on your flavor. Next, remove the e-juice’s cap for a few hours to give your vape flavor a chance to breathe. Then, replace the cap and store the juice again for up to three weeks, being sure to shake the bottle regularly to allow the flavor to aerate and distribute.   How Do I Steep E-Liquid Faster steep-eliquid-faster It doesn’t always take three weeks for e-juice to steep. In fact, much of the steeping process is done by trial and error and in the end, it’s a matter of personal preference. Don’t be afraid to test the juice every few days to see if it’s steeped to your liking. There are some ways to speed up the steeping process too. Some vapers like to hold the bottle under warm, running water for a bit to get the molecules moving more quickly. Others have more intricate setups for quickly steeping, but for a first-time steeper, the running water trick works just fine.   Do I Need To Steep My E-Liquid? need-to-steep-eliquid Some e-juice comes pre-steeped, which means, it’s been given time to absorb oxygen and light so that you’re not getting it right off the production line. Not every flavor of e-liquid is pre-steeped, nor will every pre-steeped flavor be clearly labeled as such, so a lot of your decision to steep comes from personal preference.   Do you steep your e-juice? If so, for how long. Let us know in the comments.