Switch to Vaping "Thank you, thank you very much." --my lungs"
My whole life, I’ve expected things to happen overnight. I was a perfectionist in school and things came easy to me there, so why didn’t it happen that way in real life? Why was it so $#@! hard to quit? By now, you’ve probably read about why I made the switch to e-cigs in the first place. I came to Vapor4Life a full-time smoker. Now, I’m a full-time vaper, but the road in between brought up its share of challenges. I wish I could say it happened overnight.   Like I said before, the founder of Vapor4Life, Steve Smilin Milin barely talked to me about my resume when I came in. He was more concerned about how much I smoked, and about how long I had been smoking. He gave me a disposable e-cig to try. I had been wary of them because the ones I tried before all tasted like hard plastic. This one tasted and felt like a cigarette. I got the throat hit and chest hit I was used to. I didn’t smoke a cigarette--or even crave one--the whole ride home. "Oh, so this will be easy," I thought. This is what e-cigs are for. To help someone easily make the switch from cigarettes. This is a common misconception. You’ll find plenty of disposable e-cigs out there that are a good short-term alternative to smoking, but the key is finding out what works for you, specifically. For some people, disposable e-cigs do the trick. For me, they provided the sensation and nicotine of cigarettes, but I was a full-time smoker of full-flavored cigarettes. I needed something more. Step Two Steve had also given me a Vapor Zeus Kit to try out. It included a Vapor Zeus battery and some Smileomizers I could refill. I didn’t want to use anything complicated. When I smoked cigarettes, all I did was light the darn thing and inhale. And I found I was still wanting to smoke here and there despite having the disposable at my...er...disposal. I went through huge bouts of guilt. Every time I lit up, I felt like a failure, even though I was smoking only a fraction of what I did before with any other disposable e-cig.   I finally started using the Vapor Zeus on a daily basis. I found myself actually disliking the taste of cigarettes. The more I vaped, the more cigarettes grossed me out. Even though I had made the switch from smoking to vaping, I didn’t gain a bunch of weight, like you might expect. Like I was so scared would happen. Instead of gobbiling up dessert, I vaped dessert flavored e juices.   Steve created the Vapor King, the Vapor Titan, and the Vapor Zeus because he couldn’t find anything out there that replicated smoking and he wouldn’t settle until he made himself smile. Give step 2 a try and we know you’ll be smilin’ too!