[Image courtesy of WGN Radio]"
This weekend, Vapor4Life CEO and founder, Steve Milin was on a radio show called "WGN Weekend with Bill Moller", on WGN 720. Steve shared his personal story about electronic cigarettes. He talked about how he used to smoke five packs of cigarettes every day, how both of his parents died due to smoking, and how Steve discovered vaping. Steve discussed how he learned about ecigs in 2008, and about buying 100s of different ecig brands to figure out which was the best for him. When the best ecig on the market at that time allowed him to cut down to one pack per day, he knew this product had huge potential. He decided to create his own ecig, and that's how Vapor4Life was born. During the show a few people called in asking about various things like "Where should I get started?" and "What are the effects of vaping?" You can listen to the interview on the WGN Radio website.