Stig Disposable Vape Pod

The appeal of prefilled pods is their ease of use and convenient size. For the typical pre-filled pod system, all that you need is a charged battery and a pod with some juice left. To refill the device, simply snap a pod into place and puff.


Could anything be easier? The answer is yes. Meet the Stig, an ultra-portable, disposable vape pod device. It comes out the box fully charged, juiced up and ready to roll. Disposable e-cigarettes were once the standard vaping device. The Stig breathes new life into an important category of e-cigarette that can serve as a direct cigarette alternative. It was awarded the best disposable system at the MEVS Vape Expo.



Salt Nic


Smaller, less powerful devices can provide a satisfying vaping experience when fueled by nicotine salt e-juice, and Stig takes portability to the extreme. It is only a bit more than half the size of a Juul or Vuse Alto, two popular prefilled vape pod systems. The Stig is under 3 inches long and just 0.75 inches wide. It weighs virtually nothing.


Yet in this miniscule device, Stig has managed to pack 1.2ml of hard hitting 6% nicotine salt ejuice. For a deep dive into the science behind nicotine salts, make sure you check out our feature: What is Salt Nic?


Disposable Vapes

disposable vapes


For discrete vaping, the Stig is tough to beat. It is improbably light. You will get your nic fix. Full stop. The potent 6 percent nic salt ejuice makes sure of that. The Stig is also really quiet when being fired, and is draw activated. It has a small light on the base which lights when in use.


We don’t encourage vaping where you are not supposed to, check out our guide to vaping etiquette for some basic pointers, but realize that there are many times that stealth vaping is preferable to whipping out a mod the size of a service revolver and unleashing rock concert worthy fog clouds. You can’t get more stealthy than a Stig.


Stig Value


The hardest part of using a Stig is opening the packaging. Each box contains 3 individually sealed devices, and it takes a bit of torque or puncturing to tear it open. Once open, all you need to do it remove the stopper that is inserted in the mouthpiece to prevent unwanted firing.


The Stig device may be only half the size of a Juul, but it contains 1.2ml of 6% nicotine salt ejuice. This is 70 percent more ejuice than is in a Juul pod. The Stig is rated for 270 puffs, which is 35 percent more than the 200 that a Juul pod is good for.


Some quick math reveals that the ejuice in a Stig is 20 percent more potent than a Juul, and the pod contains 70 percent more eliquid. If you accept the conventional wisdom that a Juul pod is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes, then a single disposable Stig would comparable to two packs of cigarettes. The manufacturer is a bit more conservative in their calculations and compare a single Stig to one pack of cigarettes.


Stig Vaping


The Stig has a great user experience. It has a tight draw, as you would expect from something that competes so closely with both cigarettes and Juul. The Stig generates a surprising amount of vapor for its size. This is a classic mouth to lung vape pod. Here we explain the difference between mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping.


Because of its size and disposable nature, the Stig is perfect for smokers looking for a no-fuss, no-muss method of transitioning to vaping. It couldn’t be easier to use. It is also great for on the go vaping, if you do not want to lug around your regular device.


The Stig provides a solid enough user experience and value that it could easily be utilized as your primary vaping device as well. Although not as economical as a refillable vape pod system, it is competitive with prefilled pods. Each pack contains three pods. This works out to 3.6ml of 6% nic salt ejuice, versus 2.8 ml from a four pack of 5% nicotine Juul pods and 3.6ml of 5% ejuice in a two pack of Vuse Alto vape pods.


Stig Flavors


There are currently four Stig flavors available. Three of the flavors were formulated by VGod and while Tropical Mango and Mighty Mint are straight from Stig. Branding isn’t everything. My favorite flavor was Mighty Mint. The VGod flavors are Cubano, Lush Ice and Mango Bomb.


Stig Tropical Melon is worthy contender and would have been included in our both our Top Juul Mango alternatives and Best Mango Vape Juice comparison tests.  It is rich, juicy and sweet. Juul Mango was clearly the benchmark used when developing this flavor.


Stig Lush Ice was the consensus favorite around the office, although I preferred the more straitlaced Mighty Mint. Lush Ice has a rich, bright flavor that is capped off with a cold menthol throat hit. It is a watermelon based flavor, although hints of honeydew abound. The vibrancy and blend of sweet and cool make this a great vape to kick off your day with.


Stig Mighty Mint is an icy spearmint strong menthol. Spearmint is my favorite approach to menthol and Mighty Mint does not disappoint. It is cool, consistent and satisfying. The coolness makes it perfect as an all-day vape. I am not usually a menthol fan, but have a better understanding the appeal after vaping the Stig Mighty Mint.


Stig Iced Mango Bomb strikes a great compromise between sweet fruit and cool menthol flavor. This is a very balanced flavor. Not too perfumey or sweet, but not overwhelmingly menthol heavy either. On inhale, it is a classic nic salt mango and the menthol takes center stage on exhale.


An e-cigarette that is pretty much a one to one equivalent to a pack of smokes needs a strong tobacco flavor. Stig decided to use the time tested VGod Cubano ejuice to deliver an authentic flavor that compares favorably to bold tobacco ejuices. With a hint of vanilla, it is easy to see how this flavor can appeal to heavy smokers.  


Vape Pods


As important as e-juice is to the vaping experience, it doesn’t do much good without a reliable and enjoyable device. Although disposable, Stig has created an impressive and popular disposable vape pod system.


An even greater threat to Juul’s grip on the market are refillable vape pods. We recently reviewed the Top Ten Juul alternatives. They  offer superior flexibility and open a world of thousands of flavor options.


But even four years after Juul hit the market, it is clear that prefilled pods are still a hot item. This is why last week we pitted the Juul vs. the Vuse Alto, in a head to head show down between prefilled vape systems. The Stig would compete more closely with these two devices.


Our feature Truth and Technology Behind Juul and Nic Salts Revealed has all the information you need to get up to speed on how Juul managed to sieze such a large share of the market. The future of nic salt vaping remains in the balance, an FDA vape pod ban that targets prefilled devices has been discussed at length by departed commissioner Scott Gottlieb.


Until the teen vaping epidemic is resolved, the future of e-cigs in the United States is in jeopardy. At Vapor4Life, we are fundamentally opposed to minors vaping. We use industry leading age verification software and card everyone who enters our Northbrook, Illinois vape store.