The World's top electronic cigar, the e Cigar King The e Cigar King developed by cigar aficionado Steve Milin."

Hi Vapor4Life Fam! Many of you know I used to smoke 5-plus packs of Kools a day. What you don’t know is I also smoked a box of high-end cigars every month. I absolutely love cigars! Cigars are fabulous if they are true premium tobacco, top end wrap, no added chemicals, and made with love, just like my premium liquids. Unlike my electronic cigarettes, I didn’t make the E-Cigar because cigars are bad; I made it so cigar smokers can enjoy the ritual and camaraderie where they cannot light up. In my opinion, nothing can replace a fine premium cigar after a meal, with a cocktail, or on the front porch on a lazy summer afternoon. After helping almost 100,000 smokers smoke smarter with Vapor4Life's e-cigarette products, I turned my attention to my true love: cigars! I set out on a mission to produce the best, most accurate, tastiest E-Cigar that re-creates every single sense and ritual you experience when you puff a cigar. But with no lingering smell, no annoying others, no having to use a cigar cutter and ashtrays. I spent hundreds of hours over many months to achieve my goal. I went to Davidoff in Hong Kong (where Cubans are still available) and bought 22 different cigars just to find the perfect taste to replicate. I bought Cohibas, le Hoya de Monterrey Limitadas Reserve #2 Torpedos, Padron 1964 Limited Edition Reserves and Fuente Fuente Opus X Lost City Piramides. The Cubana e-juice is a gorgeous, full-bodied, strong and spicy cigar; with hints of spice, pepper, coffee, cocoa and earth. I even use 0 nicotine because of the way I built this cigar liquid. The Ligero vape juice has a fabulous, smooth flavor. It has less spice, more earth, an outdoor woodsy inhale, and an aftertaste of cocoa on the exhale. It’s a bit smoother than the other flavors. The Maduro vape flavor draws inspiration from the Opus X. I tried them all and created a truly wonderful cigar flavor with boldness, creamy flavored milder spice; medium to full body but smoother hit, and a fabulous cedar finish. This one is for you Madura lovers, and I guarantee you will love each and every one. I showed the E-Cigar at the IPCPR show in Las Vegas. I let people try them, public, buyers in the trade, as well as manufacturers like Turano Cigars, Oliva Cigars and Drew Estates. The response I got 9 times out of 10, was WOW!!! These taste fabulous, and were endorsed by the upper echelon of manufacturers. Game on! I knew I had created the finest tasting cigar in the world. You can now smoke cigars whenever and just about wherever you want. In the car                                          In the office In the Boardroom                          At your card games In the bar                                         In a restaurant In the locker room                        In a casino My E-Cigar produces 95% of the enjoyment, ritual, feel in your throat, coating of your mouth and aftertaste of a premium high-end cigar without the restrictions of real cigars. I guarantee you will still feel like you are smoking the finest cigars in the world. And like my world famous Vapor Zeus, these E-Cigars have medical grade silicon tips so you can actually chew on them! Just one puff you will know, a true E-Cigar is now available for the world to enjoy. I cannot say it better than Geoff Baird’s cigar-loving father. ”Steve should win a Nobel Prize for these things, I can now smoke the best cigars everywhere I go!” Click here to buy one today! Vape On! Smilin’ Steve Milin