Strawberry Nic Salt Showdown: I Love Salts versus Mr Salt-E

Strawberry Nic Salt Showdown: I Love Salts versus Mr Salt-E

Strawberry Showdown
I Love Salts versus Mr Salt-E
I Love Salts Sweet Strawberry (Strawberry Candy)
I Love Salts Blue Strawberry (Pacific Passion)
I Love Salts Strawberry Ice
I Love Salts Strawberry Guava (Island Squeeze)
Mr Salt-E Strawberry Watermelon (Strawmelon Taffy)

The popularity of fruit nic salts with adult vapers has been well-established by researchers. While flavors are banned in prefilled pods and in many states, adults lucky enough to live in an area without a flavor ban can still enjoy a wide assortment of nic salt flavors.

One of the most popular of these flavors is strawberry. While it does not often stand alone, often mixed with menthol or other fruits, strawberry is distinctive, recognizable and anchors some of the tastiest nic salt eliquids on the market.

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If your favorite strawberry nic salt is out of stock you can simply test out another one. But flavor is quite subjective and most vapers have a preferred brand. Today we are going to look at the strawberry flavors that have been formulated by two of the biggest names in nic salt vaping: Mr Salt-E and I Love Salts.

Bottled nic salts are a much better price performer than disposable vapes or prefilled pods, not to mention prefilled pods only come in tobacco and tobacco menthol flavors. They are not to be vaped at high wattage or with a subohm coil. Instead, they are best enjoyed in a refillable vape pod kit.

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I Love Salts Eliquids

When Mad Hatter eliquids entered the nic salt game, I Love Salts ELiquids focused heavily on fruit flavors. Among their anchors were several strawberry inspired eliquids. They have remained loyal to this template with four different strawberry flavors, while Mr Salt-E appears poised to simplify their lineup to single entrant: Strawberry Watermelon Mr Salt-E.

I Love Salts Eliquids are sold in 30ml bottles. They are available in two nic strengths: 2.5 and 5.0 percent. They have a 50/50 VG/PG ratio.  


Sweet Strawberry I Love Salts

Strawberry Candy I Love Salts

Sweet Strawberry I Love Salts was until recently known as Strawberry Candy I Love Salts. The flavor retains very realistic strawberry flavors, with enough tartness to offset the sugary shell. Not too syrupy, there is enough balance of fruit flavor and sweetness to make for a great all-day vape.


Strawberry Ice I Love Salts

If you love strawberry but want a bit more balance, Strawberry Ice Love Salts is a perfect alternative. It is one of the classic menthol fruit vapes that have taken over the nic salt market. Both the mint and strawberry flavors are used subtly. But each inhale and exhale pops with brightness and pure cooling mint. The author’s personal favorite strawberry eliquid, this is a nearly perfect nic salt flavor.


Blue Strawberry I Love Salts

Pacific Passion I Love Salts

What in the blue blazes is a blue strawberry? Well it was known as Pacific Passion I Love Salts until recently. And it combines a strong foundation of strawberry flavor with coconut and pineapple. A tropical fruit vape with balance, fans of strawberry and more intricate fruit medleys will love this flavor.


Strawberry Guava I Love Salts

Island Squeeze I Love Salts

Another renamed eliquid, Strawberry Guava was once provided with the cryptic moniker Island Squeeze I Love Salts. The guava adds a sweet and zesty flavor to an already established and widely loved strawberry base. The exotic tropical notes elevate the overall package, and it makes for a refreshing all-day vape.




Mr Salt-E Eliquids

Mr Salt-E once had a veritable empire of strawberry flavored eliquids. Strawberry Custard, Strawberry Lemonade and plain Strawberry joined the popular Strawberry Watermelon Taffy in a stacked lineup. Today, Strawberry Watermelon Taffy is known simply as Strawberry Watermelon and it is unclear if they will continue to produce the other three.

This is a shame. Mr Salt-E provides a unique experience with a higher-VG ratio (60/40) than many competitors and traditionally offered their nic salts in 3.5 and 4.5 percent nic strength. Sold in 30ml bottles, the huge lineup of Mr Salt-E flavors had something for everyone. And their most popular strawberry flavor by far was the flavor now known as Strawberry Watermelon.


Strawberry Watermelon Mr Salt-E

Strawmelon Taffy

Whether you know it as Mr Salt-E Strawmelon Taffy, Strawberry Watermelon Taffy or just Strawberry Watermelon, this is a great and balanced fruit vape. Light watermelon notes are distinct but not overpowering. The refreshing and fresh picked strawberry flavor is quite balanced and not too sweet. The throat kick is a bit more than an I Love Salts rival, but it is still a silky smooth vaping experience. While not technically a Lush Ice, fans of that flavor are sure to like this berry and watermelon combo.