Suorin Air Plus vs. Suorin Air

Suorin Air

Make no mistake. The original Suorin Air is a nic salt specialist. The 400mAh battery and 2ml pod are hard pressed to last an entire day, if you use lower nicotine ejuices or vape frequently. Another limitation: only one coil/pod resistance options.

The Suorin Air Plus has addressed all of these issues, and retains the same credit card sized footprint of the original Suorin Air. This is not meant as a shot at the classic Suorin Air. It was a revelation when it was launched, and is one of the most popular refillable vape pods ever designed. The Air was perfectly positioned to take advantage of the nic salt revolution.

Suorin vape pods come in all shapes and sizes. But the Air really resonated with vapers. But it has been a few years, and it is a perfect time for a stretched and enhanced Suorin Air to hit the market.

After some initial concerns about quality control were addressed, the first generation Suorin Air has proven to be a versatile and reliable. The 1.2ohm coil placed the original Air firmly in the mouth to lung camp, although it could handle 70 percent VG juice as well has higher PG nic salts.

If you have any questions how the vaping scene transitioned from service revolver sized box mods to credit card sized vape pods in a manner of months, check out our feature “What is Salt Nic?”

Suorin Air Plus

The Suorin Air Plus is a much more versatile vape pod than the Suorin Air, and accomplishes this without losing the slim proportions that made the original Air such a hit. But the Plus is more than just a plus sized version of the Air. The pod itself recesses far more deeply into the battery mod segment of the device. This keeps the pod locked more firmly into place than in the original.

As far as appearance, both are shaped like credit cards. But the original Air has much more exposed "pod". Despite its dark shape, it isn't all that difficult to check juice levels in the Suorin Air Plus. A welcome relief. Too many vape pods require being held up to direct light to see how much is left in the tank. The nondescript appearance of the Suorin Air Plus is perfect for discrete vaping. Just remember to check out our primer on basic vaping etiquette before sneaking too many puffs in the public commode. This type of behavior is uncouth on at least two levels.

Size wise, the Air Plus has been expanded approximately 7mm in height and width. This is enough to be noticeable, but when holding the two devices in my ham hands, this difference did not register as being big enough to matter. The skinniness that made the original Air so appealing has been retained, the Air Plus is only 2mm deeper. Perhaps someone with very small palms would have their user experience impacted, but the fact is that the Air Plus is still a very slim device.

The Air Plus has over twice the battery capacity of the Air, but Suorin managed to keep the weight down. With 930mAh, and a much larger pod, the Air Plus can get you through the day without cutting corners.

As a percentage, the 15g increase in weight is significant. The Suorin Air weighed a feathery 36g when empty and the Air Plus weighs in at 51g, but both are still lightweights in the refillable pod division.

The Air Plus was able to keep its weight down with a zinc-aluminum alloy chassis. The original Air definitely has a denser and more metallic feel than its newer sibling. The outer Zinc Alloy shell feels sturdier. This doesn’t have an impact on performance, but the lighter Air manages to retain a heftier and more substantial feel.

Pod size and pod life have both been increased on the Suorin Air Plus. The 3.5ml pod should be good for 5 fills before flavor begins to deteriorate. This will get you halfway through a bottle of nic salts, and it is pretty much the industry standard. The original Air was also good for 5 fill ups, but this would only work out to 10ml. Before fretting pod life, you should compare the economics of a refillable versus a prefilled vape pod.

Listed as 3.5ml in the instructions

Battery life is indicated by five lights down the side of the device. This is a much more detailed approach than the multi-colored approach used by many vape pods.

We examined this in detail in our feature on Top Ten Juul Alternatives. To summarize, a Juul pod contains 0.7ml of nic salt juice. To vape the equivalent of one bottle of nic salt, you would have to spend upwards of $250.00. The Suorin Air would cost about $34.00 to vape the same amount of liquid.

Vaping the Suorin Air Plus

The corner hole mouth piece on the Suorin Air has been retained on the Air Plus. It seems a bit counterintuitive, but is actually quite practical. I’m not sure why it feels so natural. Maybe engineering resources were dumped into creating a perfect user experience. Or maybe it was dumb luck and the place to practically place the mouthpiece on a credit card shaped vape pod. Whichever is the case, it is a natural and remarkable discrete way to vape.

The fill port on the Air Plus is surprisingly large. It uses an “Oil Baffle” design, which may seem a bit baffling the first time you try to force the silicone stopper back into place. It almost wedges into place and is articulated to slide partially under the pod’s plastic structure. It should hold up to the five odd fills that Suorin recommends as the life span of the pod.

There is a lot more competition in the refillable vape pod market than there was in 2017. Suorin had to bump up the power, capacity and flexibility of the Air Plus. There are two quite distinct pods to choose from, both are included in the Suorin Air Kit. The 0.7ohm pod is a necessary concession to the competition from the Smok Trinity Alpha and Lost Vape Orion DNA Go. The 0.7 Smok Nord coil has been a huge hit, and it would have been difficult for Suorin to compete without at least one subohm option.

The draw on the 0.7 coil is relatively airy. It can deliver direct to lung, although huge clouds are not its forte. The old rule about not using subohm coils with nic salts has been on the ropes since the Lost Vape Orion DNA Go was launched. The Air Plus hammers another nail into the coffin of that rule, as the 0.7 coil easily handled my 2.5 percent nic salts and the high VG, low-nic juices it was designed for.

The 1.0 coil is the traditional nic salt coil. It is a bit more restrictive than the 0.7, and delivers a ton of flavor. There doesn’t seem to be any practical way to reduce the airflow. So what you see is what you get.

Suorin Air Plus Competitors

The number of competitors has increased exponentially in the crowded refillable vape pod field. Not that the Suorin Air did not have viable rivals, it had to fend off luminaries like the Atopak Penguin SE, Aspire Breeze and beloved Smok Fit .

The credit card dimensions of the Suorin Air and Air Plus is perfect for a pocketed shirt, but there are other small pods on the market. The Aspire AVP is a natural rival. It has a significantly smaller footprint and is not much thicker. It gives up a bit in battery life, 700mAh vs 930mAh, and its juice capacity is only 2.0ml. But it is certainly a match for the Air Plus in the size department.

The AVP does not have subohm options, but does have three power levels. It comes down to personal preference. If you loved the Suorin Air, then the Air Plus delivers an enhanced experience while providing the features that you loved in the original. In two weeks of use, it has been reliably free from leaks and the pods have had an admirable lifespan. Suorin will probably sell a ton of these things as the market’s thirst for pod systems has yet to be quenched.