FDA-Approval-eCig-Blog If you like vaping your current e Cig products, please help support House Resolution 2058 from Representative Tom Cole that supports the right to allow vapor products that are currently on the market to stay on the market without being subject to the burdensome, and expensive, FDA approval application process. If this bill does not get passed, current vapor products will be subject to the FDA approval process which could stunt the growth of the eCigarette industry. The expensive FDA process will prevent many new technologies, and eLiquid flavors from being produced due to the high costs of the approval process. Furthermore, this will most likely lead to increased product costs to customers looking for their favorite eLiquids, tanks, cartomizers, mods, and coils. Lastly, many small business owners (vape shop owners) across the United States could potentially lose their businesses due to rising costs of business if this bill does is not passed. As a technology leader in the vaping industry, we pride ourselves on the developments that we have made that have allowed us to help smokers switch to vaping.  An FDA approval process will constrain innovation in the vaping industry and reduce the alternatives available to smoking. Please take action by letting your representatives in Congress know you support H.R. 2058 Please help by reaching out to your local representative here: http://cqrcengage.com/casaa/app/write-a-letter?2&engagementId=101154 You can read the full resolution here: https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-bill/2058/text